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How much affection and support do you get from your friends?

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CastAfloat Tue 18-Nov-14 13:12:12

Just curious really.

I am in touch with some my family but we are not huggers and things can be tense. Have no partner, and sometimes really could do with a cuddle, and sadly there is rarely anyone there who wants to cuddle me blush

Realised this last week when at the dentist and was terrified, and a friend came with me for moral support. She stroked my back throughout and it really helped calm me down. I'd always hug friends anyway, and they are genuinely affectionate hugs, but this felt different. As if normally my hugs are more mutual, and this affection at the dentist was her being the one giving the support, and in that moment I wasn't giving anything back? I don't know if I am explaining accurately!

Anyway, do you get much affection and comfort from your friends in general? How common is it for you?

stanleymax Tue 18-Nov-14 14:09:34

I am not really huggy with my family or friends or a touchy feely person in general. DH and DS like their cuddles, and I do reciprocate but I don't feel a need for it myself. I don't feel comfortable with other people touching me and I'd feel uncomfortable in the sort of situation you describe at the dentist.

RudePepper Tue 18-Nov-14 14:19:19

Not as much support as I give, it seems. There was a time in the summer when I really needed to talk something over that was upsetting me - DH was brilliant, but I couldn't talk to him all day as he was working, and tried to talk to a couple school mum friends. Once was great, but one was truly rubbish despite me having spent a long time listening to her about something recently and I am currently doing the same now listening to her husband and health woes. I think in some ways she just couldn't - didn't have the capacity - but it has made me consider who I make friends with.

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