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I am being EA - now beleive DD is too

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greenberet Mon 17-Nov-14 09:28:11

HI all- struggling again this morning - I am so angry. I can deal with the lies to me but I am now starting to see the same pattern of behaviour with STBXDH & DD. She knows he is lying about OW but I guess like me it is hard to get your head around how someone who is supposed to love you can do this to you especially when it is not obvious. I have been on ADs for years probably due to the gradual erosion of my self esteem - how do I help my DD with this. My DS is also suffering. I think my DH has no idea his behaviour is abusive and thinks this is all me trying to twist the kids against him. I keep hoping he is going to see what he is doing but it continues. I cannot let him destroy them but it is so hard. its not just the lies - its all the other things that he thinks is normal behaviour.

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