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Help me begin my divorce? Where do I start?

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FayeFruitLoop Sun 16-Nov-14 12:46:50

Without going in to the ins and outs, I think my marriage is over. I'm disappointed, we've tried to an extent and it's just not working... Have lived seperately since May 2013 and have 1 child (2) who lives with me.

How do I divorce him? Just don't know where I begin or what I may or may not be entitled to.

We had a child with the intention of having a few, me being a SAHM till they were at school at least. I gave up my career... I'm now a jobless single mum to an only child.

I feel angry and cheated confused

He pays maintenance currently. Does he "owe" me anything more? no assets (I rent and he's moved back to mummy!) any savings he's kept hidden from me but don't think could be much even if he had some.

jayho Sun 16-Nov-14 17:38:25

get a free hour with a solicitor. talk through your questions. If there are few shared assets and a short marriage it may be little more than maintenance but you may be able to ask for a 'bridging' sum to support you until you return to work - I was awarded £30k to cover the 18 months until my youngest was due to start primary school, it was a clean break settlement. If there is little in the way of assets etc it may be better to wait until next may and do a quick two years separation divorce, cheaper and less confrontational.

good luck

Lweji Sun 16-Nov-14 17:47:14

If there are no assets you could get spousal maintenance, due to loss of employability and if child care costs would mean that any employment you could get at this stage would leave you worse off.
Do get that free time with a small number of solicitors to get a range of opinions.

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