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DP ended relationship, pls hold my hand

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GinAndSonic Fri 14-Nov-14 07:33:39

DP says he loves me, we are much more than friends, but hes struggling to show me affection and hes not prioritising ne as he should. Says he doesnt know how to be any different without faking it, and thinks faking it is unfair to me, that i deserve something more.
He says i dont have to leave, that dc and i always have a home with him, that he loves and cares about us.

Im just sad. I knew he found affection difficult, that he struggled with relationships. I really think he has aspergers or something. I just wanted it to work. I thought we could have a life together.
I love him. I love him the way he is. I think its better that he stays himself and we are friends than he tries to be something hes not to try to make it work.

Im so so sad though.

1moreRep Fri 14-Nov-14 07:59:10

Hi Sorry for this news- for what its worth I have literally had a similar conversation with my dp the other week- but mine was "I have fallen out of love with you- its gone and I cant get it back." There is no one else I just couldn't get over a lot of the issues in our relationship and couldn't live a lie.
If it is over- at least he's been honest? Can you go to councilling- we are so DP can understand why I feel like this and to try to facilitate and end?

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