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banning people

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fluffapuss Wed 12-Nov-14 08:40:45


Single man banned from visiting park on his own !!!

what next ?

single people banned from supermarkets, libraries, beaches, restaurants where children are present etc !

what about single people young or old, widows, people who work shifts out on their own ?

what do you think ???

Meerka Wed 12-Nov-14 08:44:32

I find the UK has gone terrifying mad over paedophile hunting.

Mumsnet too.

It's a witchhunt and hysterical and it doesn't help anyone at all.

Btw I've worked at close quarters with people who've been sexually abused in ways I still recoil to think of. Some of those appalling people are still out there. And I still think the UK is hysterical and destructive about the whole thing.

claraschu Wed 12-Nov-14 08:44:48

Utterly outrageous.

Joysmum Wed 12-Nov-14 08:57:06

I think that concerns over paedophiles has in general meant that fathers are impeded from parenting to their best ability.

I remember when my dd was doing swimming lessons, how uncomfortable a lone father felt with ensuring his young daughter was getting ready ok because of unclear changing room etiquette. So sad sad

TheHermitCrab Wed 12-Nov-14 09:03:43

Completely agree with Joysmum here.

It's so sad that men can't have the relationship with children that women can without it being looked upon suspiciously. I really hate it.

Ragwort Wed 12-Nov-14 09:10:35

Agree, it is shocking how single men can be treated.

My (single, now late 40s) brother was a scout leader for many years ........ he was so fed up with the low level comments and gossiping that he gave up being a leader - result was that no one else was interested in taking it on and the scout group folded. sad

Minus2seventy3 Wed 12-Nov-14 14:51:49

Joysmum, I can echo that. Swimming lessons were something my wife and I usually did together with our DD, and in the smaller class it was okay (sometimes boy/girl siblings were in the same change room, and there were usually a number of dads with their daughters). When we took her to the advanced lessons in a different pool, this changed completely - change rooms were much more formal. On the few occasions DW couldn't do swimming and I took DD by myself, even as a "known" face to several of the mums, there was a palpable change in atmosphere.

MLP Wed 12-Nov-14 15:49:53

DP coaches our DD2's girls' football team. Really enjoys it but says he does get nervous and is always trying to recruit an assistant coach, preferably a woman, so that's he is not the only adult around.

He drives the girls to games on a Saturday but always makes sure he is never alone with any girl expect our daughter. The girls in the team are lovely and he is a solid bloke. It's a shame every man who works with kids is pretty much branded a potential pedo. We all need to take care and be aware of risks but most men in those situations are just regular guys trying to do a good thing.

NeoFaust Wed 12-Nov-14 16:02:02

I saw a sign on a nature/play area in Holland park that said 'All adults must be accompanied by a child."

Bluetonic123 Wed 12-Nov-14 17:47:42

My dp says he gets really odd looks because his dps mother is different race to him and one of his children looks like the other race rather than mixed.

overslept Wed 12-Nov-14 20:31:30

This is really sad, surely it is some form of discrimination?

It's men and women who are alone. I can't have children and for what ever reason that means I'd be banned from watching falconry displays. The mind actually boggles. confused

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