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Separating...the financial bit

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almamatters Tue 11-Nov-14 13:22:19

Hi all....unfortunately, myself and partner are separating, I don't WANT to, deep down...but equally I haven't been happy for sometime. We have 2 children 5 and under.

At the moment we have a mortgaged property, it is highly likely to be negative equity.

My question really, is can I stay in the house but get help financially? Or do I have to leave? I work 16 hours and obviously can't afford to pay for the place alone but I really just don't want to cause the children anymore upheaval than needs be. He will not be willing to pay towards it for their sake.

I'd appreciate any advice. I feel very alone and my local CAB are completely useless so they are no good.

Crushed2914 Tue 11-Nov-14 15:50:40

I'm in a similar position. I can't claim housing benefit as the house is mortgaged but can get child tax credits & you should be able to get a single persons discount on council tax. My husband will pay half the mortgage until we decide to sell, his name is on the mortgage I made him draw up a letter to state he would continue to do this.
Plus you should get maintenance for the children.
Sorry you are in this position I didn't want to separate either but he did for his ow :-(

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