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lost my thread but still feeling awful :(

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kelell17 Mon 10-Nov-14 15:16:11

hi ladies....dunno where my thread has gone or why I cant see it on here "why does he act so cruelly " ... I'm still staying away but feel so gutted sad I miss him. ...I know this sounds stupid re how hes treated me but I cant help it, so lonely n fed up sat night after night on my own at home with no one to talk to. ... pathetic eh! sad x

BitOutOfPractice Mon 10-Nov-14 15:27:42

Your thread is here

kelell17 Mon 10-Nov-14 15:39:58

thanks....I did use the last link but wont let me view it on the app just takes me to the full site n its harder to use on my phone x

TheHermitCrab Mon 10-Nov-14 15:40:08

I think you posted yesterday that you couldn't find your thread, and someone sent you a link of it then also. :/

kelell17 Mon 10-Nov-14 15:47:03

yeah I did just wondered why it still wont appear on the app, link takes you to full site....ill have to just use mn on there....Thanks x

BitOutOfPractice Mon 10-Nov-14 15:49:49

LInks on the app take you to the full site. Would you like me to bump it?

kelell17 Mon 10-Nov-14 16:04:54

I'm not sure what that means sorry but yeah try it if it means I can see it on app? sorry full site is so hard to use on my phone....thank u for your help smile x

BitOutOfPractice Mon 10-Nov-14 16:21:07

It should be at the top (or near) of relationships now

magoria Mon 10-Nov-14 18:07:55

You haven't accidentally hidden the thread have you? On my phone I have found it very easy to do so.

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