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Not sure I can really be bothered with a relationship, anyone else?

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Filg Mon 10-Nov-14 12:49:07

Divorced just over 2 years ago. Crushed on someone when I was leaving my marriage, nothing came of that.

A few online dates over the past couple of years, but not much more. Happy focused on DC's and enjoyed being single and finding my feet as a lone parent.

Met someone thru mutual friends 8 months ago, started as a friendship, became more, felt quite intense and real. Have been seeing each other regularly and been a couple for about 6.5 months now. My DC's have met him and we've met each other's families.

He's very into me, has asked if he thinks I'll ever want to marry again eventually and is kind, loving, supportive, considerate, amazing with my DCs who all adore him. He's not smothering, we don't live in each others' pockets he lives half an hour's drive away and between work commitments and DC's we only usually manage to see each other once or twice in the week but make time most weekends to do stuff together but still both have time for our own friends, hobbies etc.

Something silly blew up this weekend, we had a proper row. I lost my temper at one point and said I felt fed up with the whole thing. He was at mine and asked if he should go home, I said I didn't really want him to, I'd lost my temper and I'd be sad if he did want to go home. We made up and had a truly lovely day.

I lay awake last night thinking how the day would have panned out if he had gone home, if we had in fact split up over the thing we rowed about.....and my mind rather ran away with the idea. I'm not sure I'd miss him that much, I'd have more time for me, I'd not have to factor him into plans....but I am sure I would be heartbroken and miss him after a couple of weeks.

Am I just not that into him?
Do I just need some space?
I am just feeling like I am too selfish to have a relationship, like I can't really be bothered. It is so long since I last got involved with someone (met EXH in my late teens) that I can't remember the stages of a relationship. Is this normal doubts or should I be calling it o

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