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Has anyone just watched Jeremy Kyle?!

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MommyBird Mon 10-Nov-14 10:05:01

Don'the flame me just yet!

It was about a woman who had made awful accusations about her sons GF. Really hurtful life changing things, they was proven wrong and flat out refused to apologise shock

It could of been my MIL. It was just a bizzare things to watch. Never seen another Toxic person spill out the same drivvile as her. I've read about them on here and other sites but never witnessed it. It was very sureal.

Lots of different people who arn't twins but are exactly the same. It really facinates me. Not sure why I'm posting but just needed to get it out.

mumwithanipad Mon 10-Nov-14 10:13:45

I always watch it every now and then. Yes that lady wasn't nice at all. I often see traits of some of my family members in some of the guests. My dad used to watch it and apply the favourable parts to himself and often used the threat of phoning Jeremy Kyle to make me agree with his stupid ideas.

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