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Cantbelievethisishappening Thu 06-Nov-14 18:37:10

Can someone tell me if the police can make someone leave a house if their spouse and step children are frightened after they have flipped out shouting and being aggressive. No history of physical violence but previous episodes of anger, aggression and flipping out (under the influence of drink) No alcohol involved in this episode.

AnyFucker Thu 06-Nov-14 18:44:13

Yes, but you need to call them. Is this happening right now ?

Cantbelievethisishappening Thu 06-Nov-14 18:45:52

I can't even name change because I can't remember my password. He won't leave. i'm so scared to call them because once I do that will be it.... there will be no going back.

AnyFucker Thu 06-Nov-14 18:47:00

In order to get professional help to get rid of him, you do have to report it I am afraid

Hiding his abuse of you is not the answer

Wombat22 Thu 06-Nov-14 18:48:36

The police can move someone to prevent a breach of the peace. They are not always arrested. Sometimes just taken to another address whilst things calm down. If you are frightened or fell threatened then call them. It doesn't matter that they haven't been violent in the past thanks

Wombat22 Thu 06-Nov-14 18:49:43


Selinasupreme Thu 06-Nov-14 18:53:33

Yes they will and if there are children in the home they will arrive quickly and resolve the issue for you. You can choose not to make a statement if you don't want to escalate it but they will still remove him from your home for the children's safety and for yours, I hope you are well x

Cantbelievethisishappening Thu 06-Nov-14 18:59:58

Am just numb.........

Wombat22 Thu 06-Nov-14 19:53:06

Are you ok OP ?

Cantbelievethisishappening Thu 06-Nov-14 20:09:07

Not so much. Am sorry to post such useless messages. Thank you so much you lovely people for responding to me. You are very kind.

Wombat22 Thu 06-Nov-14 20:20:08

Did the police come or are you numb from the outburst

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