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Ex is seeing someone new and I'm feeling really weird about it and don't know why

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burblefiretwixt Wed 05-Nov-14 10:23:12

I split up with my ex almost 4 years ago when I told him I was pregnant with our DD. He has stayed around however, and sees her on alternate weekends.

I know that I have absolutely no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. I have otherwise moved on, having had a couple of relationships since we split.

However he told me the other day that he has met someone new. I think this is his first girlfriend since we split up. He met her in the summer (it came out because he has cancelled several of his weekends with our DD which I was getting increasingly pissed off about).

I don't think I'm jealous for him, I think I feel threatened because my DD may have a new "mummy" figure if this relationship works out long term.

I split up with a guy I had been seeing for about 5 months 1 one month ago and feel a bit crap about that too.

I'm not sure I'm making any sense but does anyone know what this is like?

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 05-Nov-14 10:31:11

I think it's pretty normal. You presumably had feelings for him at one time and, whoever initiated the split, it was probably a sad time in your life that you don't dwell on too much. You've successfully got on with life and maybe that's been helped by thinking of him in suspended animation & on his own. So this represents a new phase, maybe brings back some regrets and yes it is slightly daunting to think that there will be a new significant female adult in your DC's life. They'll never be 'Mummy', however. There's only one person gets the honour of that title, don't worry smile

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