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Friendship group

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Wednesdaywine Fri 31-Oct-14 06:07:41

Just looking for advice after the events of the past year. My DD2 is 8 & told me earlier this year my ex friends DS also 8 was making her take her pants down and making her do stuff. This was dealt with, Childline and NSPCC was involved, I moved my DD into another school, stopped contact with the other boy & his mum. Luckily my DD seems to be fine after being assessed & settled into her new school & is showing no signs of trauma. Me & my ex friend were part of a group of 5 women & the others were really supportive to me & DD when this came out. However only 1 stayed in contact with the boys mum. Now it seems this other friend has turned against me & deleted from FB. I know in the scheme of importance this is low and its FB but it has upset me, we've had loads to deal with, my poor DD has suffered, my ex friend never told me why her son was behaving this way towards my DD and to complicate things she works for SS. I dont know whether to contact the others & ask if I have done something apart from believe & stand by my DD or just walk away from the lot of them. Thank you for reading

Yarp Fri 31-Oct-14 06:21:40

What a horrible thing to happen to you. You must have gone through all sorts of emotione

Your generosity of spirit and lack of rejection of her probably makes her feel guilty and uncomfortable. She may have been relieved when your DD left and wants to draw a line under it. That is, of course, all about her feelings, which is really selfish, but I wonder of I'd be any different in her place.

I hope her son is OK too.

In your place, I'd accept that you have lost that friend.

I am not sure why the other friendships drifted, but what is stopping you from contacting them?

Wednesdaywine Fri 31-Oct-14 06:29:11

Her son was like a son to me and I have been very concerned for him and after needing to make sure my DD was ok, I wanted to make sure he was fine too.
I do not know why the other friend has now deleted me, she was very vocal over the situation and actively encouraged me reporting what happened. I moved to another part of town so contact was reduced anyway. I could speak to the others but it seems childish & maybe a fresh start from the past is what we need. I do feel put out this other friend has now cut me off with no explanation.

Yarp Fri 31-Oct-14 06:32:31

So i think I have insunderstood. Is the one who has deleted you the mother of the boy?

Wednesdaywine Fri 31-Oct-14 06:37:32

No it is another woman from the group. Once I told the boys mum she shut me out, she told me my DD would be fine and that was it. She works for SS which is another issue. The friend who has deleted me was really supportive and actively told me to report what had happened to SS. Since this has come out I have kept in contact with the others and now out of the blue one of them has deleted me.

KristinaM Fri 31-Oct-14 07:24:45

You have done nothing wrong

I suspect it's just all too messy and stressful and she wants to walk away from the group . TBH I think you should do the same . Try to make some new friends at the new school

You really REALLY don't want to be involved with the woman who works for SS. These people can make a lot of trouble for you , even when you have done nothing wrong .

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