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What's going on with me?

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Feckinlego Wed 22-Oct-14 00:56:28

Not sure where to post or even why, my situation is I'm unhappy. I've a lovely dh and 2 lovely kids. I'm not happy I don't know why. I'm not coping. I've nothing to cope with really, no real hardships. Maybe it's hormones I'm not sure. I'm getting periods every 3 weeks now. But I'm sure I felt this way before that. Sorry not explaining too well. I cried most of today then went to the cinema! With friends! Crazy!

Wrapdress Wed 22-Oct-14 03:30:59

It absolutely could be hormones!

Heyho111 Wed 22-Oct-14 04:52:50

It's very likely your hormones. Pop to your gp and talk to him about it. It's very normal and can be sorted.

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