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Texts I must not send

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ShouldISellTheHouse Fri 17-Oct-14 22:14:59

I hate my ex. He's been an utter shit. I know It isn't healthy to keep telling him this so I thought I'd post the angry texts I write here instead of sending them.
Please feel free to join in.

I don't know why I even bother asking. You are so ignorant. This is your children's only holiday this year, probably for the rest of their childhood. I can't believe what you have chosen to do to them and their lives. I don't know how you can live with yourself to be honest.

Charley50 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:26:03

I had so many of these texts. Id write them then save them in my notes in case I decided to send at a later date. I always wonder what a person who found my phone would think (if I lost phone). A mad crazed woman, or the voice of reason?

Seefooddiet Fri 17-Oct-14 22:29:17

I feel the same....i haven't thought about you for YEARS!! You are a worthless piece of shit who means NOTHING to me. I have FUCK ALL to thank you for but when i see your pic on FB why do i see

ShouldISellTheHouse Fri 17-Oct-14 22:31:10

I am trying really hard to stop showing him I care. It weakens me. I've been sending these missives for 7 months now and it's time to stop. Posting that here stopped me sending it :-) I'm glad you found a way too charley. If you don't mind me asking, how long till you stopped needing to write them at all?

Seefooddiet Fri 17-Oct-14 22:32:43

I feel the same....i haven't thought about you for YEARS!! You are a worthless piece of shit who means NOTHING to me. I have FUCK ALL to thank you for but when i see your pic on FB why do i see

Seefooddiet Fri 17-Oct-14 22:34:58

Oops...steps SLOWLY away from the thread.....

ShouldISellTheHouse Fri 17-Oct-14 22:36:44

Seefood. - what's all that about? An old flame got in touch on Facebook?

Charley50 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:39:22

How long? I'd like to say 3-4 months but as he has left me a few times in our 7 year long relationship (without explanation or discussion), realistically I'd say a few years lol. I've got a new phone otherwise I'd dig one out for you!

Charley50 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:42:36

Stuff for enchiladas
Bacon for top of risotto
Seaweed for sushi
Pulled pork
Pudding fruit
Rice vinegar
Hand wash
Washing up liquid
Shower gel
Slow cooker

Charley50 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:43:04

Sorry that was the shopping list... Hang on!

HarlowEver Fri 17-Oct-14 22:43:54

You're an absolute dick. But I love you and would do anything for you to still want me.

Yup. Definitely would never really send that text lol grin

GloriousGloria Fri 17-Oct-14 22:44:21

Ooh my ex lives in my village, this evening he was a prize prick

"Dear ex cycling in the middle of the road so I can't drive past you is fucking stupid. Grow the fuck up."

Clearly he hasn't moved in the year we have split up but hey oh that's his problem not mine. smile

Charley50 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:44:33

I don't think you 'like me very much' even. You have sex with me, knowing you don't want to get back with me. You don't care if I come or not. You don't say or text anything nice to me, you have so little respect for me and my son that you said in a blasé way in front of him that we may be getting back together, without actually meaning it.

That was one ��

Seefooddiet Sat 18-Oct-14 00:13:25

I have tried so hard to add to this thread but alas! My drunkeness and fat fingers are conspiring against me!!

SelfLoathing Sat 18-Oct-14 01:09:46


"Dear ex cycling in the middle of the road so I can't drive past you unfortunately was forced to run you down like a dog in the street is fucking stupid a major result that made my day"

Tinks42 Sat 18-Oct-14 02:19:54

Don't beat yourself up about it though ay OP. I did that to ex until my phone nearly exploded smile I look back (nearly 2 years later) and laugh, he also deserved every swear word, every manic text I sent. At least I directed it at the right person. I regret nothing, it was the way I felt, whether I was begging one day and wanting to snap his head off or total his car the next. So what.

GloriousGloria Sat 18-Oct-14 07:07:14

Selfloathing grin

That was my friends suggestion.

Lweji Sat 18-Oct-14 07:40:01

I think you'll start feeling better when you stop sending the texts.

Put things into perspective for you and get less emotionally involved.

The children don't "need" a holiday. They need people who love them.

ShouldISellTheHouse Sat 18-Oct-14 21:34:48

That was your baby sobbing tonight when you dropped him off. The one you held when he was born, cut the cord, promised the world to. You couldn't even stick around for 3 years. You utter cunt. I hope you die alone in misery and pain. You deserve it.

Mulberrystreet Sat 18-Oct-14 21:40:11

You will never understand how much you have broken me.

I could go on, believe me. But that's the gist of it.


Tinks42 Tue 21-Oct-14 23:26:32

You text exactly what you want OP, until YOU don't want to do it anymore. There will come a time when YOU want to stop. I believe the opposite to some on here. It actually helped me heal rather than internalise it.

GetTheRedOut Tue 21-Oct-14 23:35:46

Totally sympathise with your need to vent OP! I have some really long venomous rants saved in the notes on my phone.

ShouldISellTheHouse Thu 23-Oct-14 19:16:13

Ds1 cried that you aren't here today but didn't want to speak to you . I fucking hate that you shattered his little world for a dirty whore who you didn't even end up with. Cunt. I hope you rot in hell you lying unfaithful disgusting wanker. I'm coping fine, thanks so much for your concern.

Took your advice and sent that one. No response.
Just tagged ow Facebook profile pic with the tag home wrecker. Quite pleased as it appears to come up over her face in a speech bubble.

Clearly struggling this week...

Joy5 Thu 23-Oct-14 19:38:49

I don't text, i just send myself emails!

Get it all out of my head, some mornings wake up and have sent half a dozen over night when i've been wide awake.

No one ever sees them but me. Have plenty to say to my ex, but no point hes too busy trying to show me how much better off he is with OW. Maybe one day he'll realise i've got all what matters and thats our sons and their trust.

Shouldisellthehouse how do you tag the OW?

ShouldISellTheHouse Thu 23-Oct-14 20:04:07

I just looked at her profile, and clicked on her photo. It came up with tag this photo - so I did!

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