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Need to find new friends - a bestie (have no real friends) lonely

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bitterandtwisted349 Sun 14-Sep-14 23:35:20

You know how it is you get married, divorced, remarried, moved blar blar.. I have one kind of good friend but nothing in common, I find she winds me up.....I have chatty friends at the school gate and know a couple of others but I desperately need a good close friend just like I had in school - I'm now 43.

Sounds silly but you go on FB you see these lovely groups of friends that go everywhere together have so much fun, really friends for life and I feel a freak for not really having anyone.

My OH works hard, I help him run the business so time is limited and childcare is an issue.

I just wonder if you get to an age when you never have that close girly relationship again. I desperately need it, I'd love to go away for the weekend, have fun, talk girly...I'm getting older and feeling there any hope? I'm not interested in alcohol, drivel talk, Hello mag just real conversation, real hobbies etc

Sad post really I know

SunbathingCat Sun 14-Sep-14 23:37:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Adarajames Mon 15-Sep-14 01:10:38

Might also help to remember that people filter what they put in Facebook, some may feel as lonely but don't want it known so only post very upbeat things. Finding some time to go do something you're interested in, maybe an adult ed class if a craft you've always wanted to try, is a good way to start meeting new people with similar interests x

sunshine11 Wed 20-Apr-16 12:22:44

I feel your pain. We moved 2.5 years ago and I know hardly anyone in our small village plus my children go to a school in a different town so I don't see any village mums at the school gates plus I'm left out of things a my kids' school because we aren't local.

I'm still in touch with some old friends but they live 30+ miles away so I see them irregularly.

I just want someone whom I an have a laugh with and see regularly. I feel so low and lonely so often. It's hard not to feel like there's something 'wrong' with you.

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