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Introduction Agencies-have you ever complained to ABIA?

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machair Wed 10-Sep-14 22:36:20

Be interested to hear if anyone receiving poor treatment from an introduction agency lodged a complaint with ABIA (Association of British Introduction Agencies, I think) and if so, how they got on. My friend contacted them and we'll just say I am not very impressed. Hope you can give me some feedback.

machair Sun 14-Sep-14 20:59:50


Lifeisforlivingkatie Tue 16-Sep-14 23:52:33

I don't anyone who has complained or used one

minimad Fri 19-Sep-14 08:03:55

I've had a dreadful experience with a London based introduction agency and, as I was reassured to know that they were members of the AIB, I duly complained about the "rip-off" service I received. It has taken many, many months and lots of chasing, to get a response. They advised me to take my complaint to solicitor! Scandalous I think. I really don't know where to go to get help now. Any comments would really be appreciated

Walkacrossthesand Fri 19-Sep-14 09:08:45

I've just had a quick look at the ABIA website and it's not a regulatory body, so they wouldn't get involved in complaints. The only thing you can really do is read their code of practice closely, list the points that the agency you used didn't follow, and ask the ABIA why they have a member agency that doesn't follow their code of practice - makes a mockery of the ABIA's fine words about standards etc.

machair Sun 21-Sep-14 09:16:54

Thank you for your replies. Minimad, my friend found ABIA very slow and unhelpful.When she took legal advice, ABIA said that they wouldn't take matters further as she had gone to a Solicitor!

I have suggested to her- check her house contents insurance to see if she has legal expenses cover; complain to trading standards about ABIA and the IA; look at lodging a Small Claims Action under the Sale of Goods Act for failure to provide a satisfactory service.

Walkacrossthesand- my view is that the IA have not followed ABIA's code of practice. My friend was never advised of the IA's terms and conditions o what her rights were if unhappy, she never signed a contract. She did sign a piece of paper setting out what the IA were going to do and ABIA seemed to think that was sufficient as a contract!

Most of these IA seem to me to be parasites feeding off lonely people.

minimad Tue 30-Sep-14 09:27:00

I really think it's time to lift the lid on these "introduction" sharks. Has anyone any ideas? I'd be happy to take my fight to the bitter end but dont have the funds to go down the legal route. I just feel as you say machair "they are feeding off lonely people". Would there be any way Mumsnet could help expose them? Hope you don't think Im a trouble maker!!!

emina777 Thu 26-May-16 23:41:42

terrible experience with ABIA. They are useless. I would say they are a par of the scam. People go to the ABIA agencies thinking that they will get good service but get ripped off and ABIA does nothing because they are part of it.

soozydoodle Mon 03-Oct-16 16:10:29

I joined RSVP in May this year on the middle tier of membership at £1,000 and a monthly fee of £38.99 a month. Had one introduction a month and none are anywhere near a match! So disappointed I complained and she put me up to the next tier which gave me a 'personal dating PA'! Well she matched me with someone I couldn't see how! Awful! She wouldn't give me money back and said 'they had fulfilled their contractual obligations'! Well yes, they could send me a 'quasimodo' once a month and say they've carried out the 'service'! It's the quality of the people that I'm questioning lol! I said I was going down the route of a 'Section 75' claim as I paid with my credit card. She said if in the unlikely event I got the money back she would still pursue me through the small claims court to get the money back again as the 'debt' was still with me! I contacted my house insurance legal team and they said I'd have a hard job convincing them they had 'breached their contract'. It's like when you join a recruitment agency and they try to match you with jobs you have no skills for, just because they want to 'fill that job' and get their fee! Someone has to take a stand and get these agencies shut down! They are not better than onlinedating agencies. I'm going to try - love to hear from anyone else? I would even go on GMTV! Sue

soozydoodle Mon 03-Oct-16 16:12:25

Also, forgot to say, they seem to give different lower fees to men as they are short of men! And under the ABAI code of conduct under FEES it says the agencies are not allowed to discriminate against age, disability or gender!! They are desperate for more men as they don't have enough to provide suitable matches and so are offering them at far less than the women! Outrageous!

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