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Feeling left out

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Peppa87 Sat 09-Aug-14 21:25:44

How do you/would you cope with feeling left out?
Would you tackle it by confronting those leaving you out? Or ignore it?

A couple of relatives on my husbands side of the family often go to the park, on walks, out for lunch etc together. They are both on maternity leave just as i am and all live in walking distance of one another. We all have baby daughters around the same age. We all get on as far as i am aware, never had any issues or arguments and have things in common.

They never invite me and my daughter to go along which has started to make me a little sad. I have on occasions organised outings with them myself, which they happily agree to, but the two of them never make the effort with me..

I don't expect to be invited to every single event/day out etc, but small outings like picnics/walks etc would really brighten up a sometimes lonely and isolating time on maternity leave. I am trying to make mum friends and go to classes and groups but a lot of sessions stop over summer.

I guess i just wonder why i am not included... My husband feels it is wrong of them but has held back pulling them up on it because i don't want to cause any awkwardness or bad feeling...

Any advice on how to deal with this with minimal confrontation would be appreciated!

doleena Sat 09-Aug-14 21:35:30

I think it would be useful to look at it from the point of view that you win some, you lose some. For some reason they have a connection with each other, and perhaps although I'm sure they like you, they don't feel the same connection with you that they do with each other.

I would just focus as much as possible on forming new friendships and spending time with other friends.

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