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advice for my friend pls...

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moggiemay Wed 30-Jul-14 22:47:10

Hoping you lovely ladies can help. Df has 4 yr old ds, exp just out of prison, wants to see ds. Hasn't seen him for several yrs, df wants there to be contact but supervised at least to start and some assurance that he is drug free, there are potential safeguarding issues but ss not interested. Can't afford solicitors, have seen link to online legal help but now I need it can't find it! Any advise, ideas where she can get help/support, she doesn't want to deny contact but ds needs to be safe, thank you

pursinghappiness Thu 31-Jul-14 00:53:42

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 31-Jul-14 07:15:06

I would suggest that your friend proposes supervised contact in writing to her exp if she is worried. If he rejects the idea then he can be the one to get solicitor and pursue for unsupervised.

moggiemay Thu 31-Jul-14 08:33:54

Thank you both, have suggested she let him persue it but she's worried about consequences if she does. Does anyone have link to free legal advise that I've seen here before? I have hunted high and low but can't find it, thank you

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 31-Jul-14 08:43:13

Was there ever reported DV in your friends former relationship? For free legal advice, some solicitors are happy to schedule an initial half hour. CAB are quite good as well. Regarding 'consequences' if she proposes a reasonable contact schedule and he turns it down... what exactly is she worried about? Aggression? Legal action?

moggiemay Thu 31-Jul-14 18:01:11

Aggression I think, there was DV but not sure it was reported, will speak to her and suggest cab, plenty of rl support but now needs legal advice, thank you

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