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Dh is addicted to gambling

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TheBrokenDreamsIDream Thu 26-Jun-14 09:46:14

Name changed but am a regular poster.

Dh has a history of gambling , for the past couple of years at least. I thought things had calmed down and were getting back on track; he had set up his own trade and we were far from having lots of money but were surviving. For whatever reason, his partner suddenly pulled the plug on him and left the business. This left dh in a difficult position financially, and as always he was down and depressed. I gave him 2.5k (my own savings) as a loan to get going again.

Went through his bank statement yday to find lots of gambling at William hill, mainly £100 transactions. Lots of them were after the date I had given him the money and some were from before. I roughly totalled up £900.

We needed that money to survive. I gave him all my savings and he's blown it on gambling. sad We have two dcs and I am in pieces over this. I don't think it's ever going to stop.

AcrossthePond55 Thu 26-Jun-14 19:22:53

But his gambling addiction means that your family life has never been 'normal'. It's been based on deception on his part.

If nothing else, please see about protecting yourself financially.

CinnabarRed Fri 27-Jun-14 13:49:02

How are you today? I hope you're safe, and learning to adjust to this strange new world.

CookieDoughKid Fri 27-Jun-14 22:43:51

You're going to have to accept a future without him for the time being. To save yourself and your children.

There is nothing you can do to help him. He's self destructive. Stay away from him as much as you can. Work on a plan to leave with as much in your favour as you can because it will be you raising the children mostly alone unfortunately. He is in no fit state at all.

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