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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Sipping Super Summer Mocktails Whilst Soaking Up Some Sun.

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Mouseface Mon 23-Jun-14 21:05:08

Hello, tis me, Mouse

I'm what some would call a 'controlled' drinker these day, but I wasn't always and I'm not alone on this wonderful bus, Gerald, when I say that.

We have drinkers who drink each day, those who abstain completely and those who are not sure what it is that they actually want just yet....

We won't judge you for drinking, no matter what your reason is, we've all been in your shoes somewhere along the way!! And we have ALL used every excuse under the sun too!

We have some Babes who ride on the Roof-Rack, (clinging on for dear life grin ) and then we have an expandable Side-Car, which some Babes use, but the bus, well, the bus, our wonderful Gerald, who takes us here and there, to pick up people in need of an unbiased and much needed ear to listen to. smile

There are lots of ears on this bus, and not a single one will turn you away and not listen!

Two things that we do believe here are -

1) - The Vulnerable Need Our Support, Not Our Judgement

2) - Alcohol Fosters Inertia

If you are lurking and reading this thread, there is a reason for it, isn't there?

Stay lurking or come and say hello! We don't always bite.

And for those who'd like a bit of history, HERE'S THE LAST THREAD


See you soon x

venusandmars Mon 23-Jun-14 22:27:46

ME - first

venusandmars Mon 23-Jun-14 22:28:34

grin grin

Now everyone get back over to the previous thread and fill it up.

dementedma Mon 23-Jun-14 22:44:22

Damn you Venus.
I wanted to be first! <stamps feet petulantly and sloshes Barrie down on an empty seat>

SoberSocFish Mon 23-Jun-14 23:02:52


Mouseface Mon 23-Jun-14 23:49:53

Get to bed you naughty lot! :D

Night xxx

beachestoexplore Tue 24-Jun-14 00:47:45

First the worst / Second the best / Third the one with the hairy chest (Ma grin Fourth the king / Fifth the queen / Sixth the one in the washing machine.

Puts me in the washing machine then....

Love to all xx

ruralreynard Tue 24-Jun-14 12:15:20

Marking place and thinking of you all.
Nice to see you posting mouse smile
Saw your news why. So happy for you. grin
Love to all.x

venusandmars Tue 24-Jun-14 18:16:46

Previous thread is full up, so its all steam ahead here.

If you want to catch up on the last few posts, here is the link to the previous thread CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS THREAD

dementedma Tue 24-Jun-14 18:55:10

Actually beaches I was second because you can't count Venus twice. Tis the law.
soc was third

thurso14 Tue 24-Jun-14 19:17:24

Does that put me at seventh?, or eighth?

Who can put a rhyme with that? Ok I'll try!, it's been a long day!

Seventh the one who can go to heaven
Eighth the one who makes peoples teeth grate!

Enough about my colleagues though grin


Pat45 Tue 24-Jun-14 19:35:43

Honestly thanks to everyone for your support today. Without MN I would have had no-one to share my fears with. The day went quite well. The boss wasn't there to give me a lot of shit but everyone else was very nice to me. (If only they knew the truth!!) Venus, your experience illustrates precisely how fears can get out of control to a serious degree. Its crazy isn't it? Alison, good luck tonight. I am the same with sharing a bottle, I get anxious that it will disappear too quickly and I don't get enough. Enjoy your evening and enjoy the half bottle.

Thurso, did your DD get away? I am looking forward to that day but I do realise that it comes with a lot of emotion. I hope she enjoys it and that your life flourishes when she leaves home.

I am glad this day is over and very glad to have got the prescription from the doctor. I would have started drinking at half 9 this morning and not gone to work if I hadn't gone to the appointment. I am going to do Sobersoc's trick and go to bed sober and wake up not hungover.

MaryMungoAndMidgies Tue 24-Jun-14 19:41:52

Hello everyone! I can't quite believe it but I'm on day 7! Quietly pleased but nae tempting fate...

Big bosies all round, Pat, Alison and venus thank you for your positive messages on Saturday, ooh and that dog poem venus, summed it all up for me. She never asks for much, but she gives me everything. ma I'm right jealous you were curling, always wanted a go, it's a real art, isn't it?

To fill in (potential drinking) time, I walked from the CPD unit to the hotel. Misjudged it slightly, seemed nowt in the taxi but worked it out to be 5 miles. Found a Waitrose, got some picky snacks for tonight, plasters for my blistered toes, bypassed the wine and got two bottles of fancy elderflower fizz.

Saturday night? He stood me up again. I guess that's it, he's checked out of our relationship, but I think I need not to chase him for a definitive answer as it may (just may) have an effect on my drinking again. And I can't risk that, this course is hard work, although I'm enjoying the challenge, I don't need to have a personal blip on top of the brain drain.

Soc wow! You are doing so well!

Hey Mouse thought of you today, I went into a cute wee cheesemonger's on the way back to the hotel. I have a teeny selection and some frankly Feckin extortionately dear quince jelly. I am hotel room picnicking in style grin

Take care everyone, xx

Pat45 Tue 24-Jun-14 19:46:35

Ma, how are you? I hope your DS is in good form. I can't fess up in work about what actually happened aka me going on the piss because they are making big redundancies where I work and are letting people go for the slightest thing. My boss is a thug and would only be delighted to find my weakness. Despite being dreadfully behind I am actually feeling ok. The support from everyone here has made me feel less like a failure. Seriously thank God for MN. Who on earth would I have shared the last week's nightmare with? No-one, that's who. Have a nice relaxing evening everyone.

Pat45 Tue 24-Jun-14 19:54:07

Wow Wry, you are doing amazingly well. Bypassing the wine and chosing the elderflower fizz - ten out of ten! Enjoy the challenge of the course and do yourself proud. Whoever stood you up has lost out big time. Hope the toes get better, sounds sore. You should be very very proud of yourself. I am sure doggy is proud of you too!

MaryMungoAndMidgies Tue 24-Jun-14 20:09:08

Pat, you will catch up.

Don't you just hate people who take delight in discovering people's weaknesses? Their lives must be sour in order to do that. Now if bosses found joy in discovering their employee's strengths instead...

Haud gaun, Pat, you've taken such a positive step today, proud of you, xx

thurso14 Tue 24-Jun-14 20:33:46

Hey 45,
My Dc is a boy, in fact both of them are! You made me laugh, and I remember when I used to think "hmm red patent shoes, or black?" "Frilly knickers, or socks?" smile.
But despite everyone wise who thought I'd have girls, I had two boys!

You are so right when you say life should flourish, but, at the moment I feel devastated, very excited for the boy's new chapter, but a bit sad.

I have made many changes to life in the last four years (no small thanks to Mouse, and Isindie, Ma and Venus and so many!) I think one of the things that resonated with me was Isindie saying " don't beat yourself up, or we'll come round and do it!" , it made me realise ( only taken four years!) to think that, don't think about the old stuff, if you are able, do the new day and it it will become a habit, same as the old one.

I don't beat myself up so much these days, thanks to the bus.

Sorry, bit waffley!

dementedma Tue 24-Jun-14 20:40:17

hey all. trying this on the talk app as the site is still screwed on my tablet.
wry woo hoo for you on a week sober. way to go!
day 4 completed which is the most I have done in a very very long time.
ah, I can't scroll back to see who
posted what...bugger!
can't name check now as I can't remember who said what......oh well, well done all who faced fears, worries and the wine witch. smile smile

Pat45 Tue 24-Jun-14 21:00:13

Apologies Thurso, boys are gorgeous creatures. Hope the devastated feelings pass soon. Friends of mine went through this and were surprised how devastated they were. Your post was not one bit waffly.

Wry, he is a complete dickhead. I do believe that his life must be hell, he spends the whole time trying to derail people. Thanks a million for kind words. No-one has ever said 'haud guan' to me but I like the sound of it. What does it mean?

I am very happy on MN in bed, just eaten 4 massive cookies with white chocolate pieces - totally delicious!!

One more massive thank you to everyone who got me through this day, I am eternally grateful for your kindness xxx

thurso14 Tue 24-Jun-14 21:26:04

No need to apologise 45, thread moves so fast sometimes, and I haven't posted for ages.

Yes, despite dc1 being away for two years, the thought of dc2 moving out is very upsetting ( low key here!)grin

I've taken some days of in Lieu to spend some time with him, but, who knows how that will go?

I have a colleague who just "has to say" "no offence intended!" How I have done everything slightly different in the last year, and that she will help me to sort it out in the new term! What!!

Self confidence taking a bit of a bang, however, they do seem to do paper worksheets forever, and you just can't do that anymore!

dementedma Tue 24-Jun-14 21:38:17

Where is that mad bint Indie by the way?

MaryMungoAndMidgies Tue 24-Jun-14 21:39:26

Haud gaun means keep going, Pat, but I always think it means a wee bit more than that.

Keep going, stay strong and true, plough on in the face o troubles type thing.

When I say it, I get the picture of my great granda's plough horses in my head. Steadfast and true. Sorry, that sounds a bit silly, but I can still smell them, hear their breathing and being amazed at their strength. They were soppy auld gentle giants, on high days they would be ribboned and groomed til they shone.

We all shine in our way, some days we just need a gentle hand to make us shine a wee bit more.

(What's in this elderflower stuff Waitrose? blush)

I know in my head what I'm trying to say, smile x

dementedma Tue 24-Jun-14 21:46:41

Can't copy and paste on this fecking f thing bit that quote about shining is just lovely and perfect for this bus.
Am going to bed before I twat dh one. No reason other than he is getting on my tits!
Did I mention this is day 4? grin

Pat45 Tue 24-Jun-14 21:57:01

Haud guan to you too! Sleep well and enjoy the course tomorrow, night night x

MaryMungoAndMidgies Tue 24-Jun-14 22:07:02

ma I hear ye! You are rocking day 4! grin xx

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