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What would give rise to Skype invitations?

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icanneverremember Tue 17-Jun-14 16:40:33

Hi all,
Just been on h's Skype to speak with a friend. On his contacts list there are 3 or 4 requests to be added as a contact. They are all from dubious sounding women's names such as Xxxblonde. He obviously hasn't added them and they're clearly spam but what would give rise to such a thing?

FWIW my h has form for internet indiscretions in the past. Nothing too awful and I don't want to go into too much detail. We have successfully worked through our issues but I can't help but be slightly paranoid at this new "revelation"...

Rooble Tue 17-Jun-14 16:44:20

Don't know, but I've had them (from random men) and done nothing whatsoever to prompt it except exist. There's only one person I actually speak to on Skype, but still hear from mysterious others.
Does this help allay your concerns?

TweedleDi Tue 17-Jun-14 16:47:53

I've had random requests too, and I only have my family on! it is just spam. Block them and delete.

icanneverremember Tue 17-Jun-14 16:50:36

Thank you, that's a big help and an even bigger relief!

dotty2 Tue 17-Jun-14 16:51:40

The random invitations I get mostly come from people with names like xxxsweetpie. I've done no more to encourage them than the spam emails I get offering me an extra 2.5 inches etc etc (including being, from my user name, quite obviously not a man!)

Meerka Tue 17-Jun-14 17:06:27

It depends on the settings on skype. When you install it, it allows anyone to contact you. Mostly that's lovely, genuine, ever-so-nice ladies from east europe or thailand ;)

Its absolutely nothing to worry about if your husband isnt that good with computer stuff.

If you want to stop these invites (I always do) then on the top bar of skype, choose Tools > Options > Privacy Settings > People in my Contact List Only.

then if you want to make a contact, just give each other your skype names and press Add Contact, put the name in.

Given that he's past indescretions, I can understand you being jumpy. But if he's not tech-savvy then it's really just because of the default setting

Sc00bydO Tue 17-Jun-14 18:04:44

I use Skype to communicate with my team at work rather than email sometimes - and I am forever getting random friend requests (mainly from 'US servicemen' - which from the language use they are clearly not!).

I have been onto Skype about it as I was getting fed up - even if you set the privacy settings as above, you cannot stop someone sending you a contact/friend request which is apparently what I am getting - rather than a message. I have to just block each time.

I have taken to showing my status as unavailable, although my work colleagues know that is not the case! That has helped.

I can assure you I definitely have not been involved in anything that would give rise to me getting such requests!

Hope that helps.

holeinmyheart Tue 17-Jun-14 20:52:35

My husband in his sixties, never been on Skype before and he immediately got naughty nude women requests and so Have I. We just laughed as we know they are spam.

tribpot Tue 17-Jun-14 20:59:53

I get loads of random requests too. Also 'servicemen'. It's just a question of existing on Skype and being online.

Eekaman Wed 18-Jun-14 00:41:22

I want to know how these people know I've got poor credit rating, no hair, a small penis and want to hook up with a Russian cutie.


It's all spam OP. Relax. Why are you stressing over this?

VanderElsken Wed 18-Jun-14 00:49:30

I get Skype invitations from spam like that and have no reason to. I would guess this is innocent.

Glastokitty Wed 18-Jun-14 02:07:02

Yes I get them too, mostly from Generals in the US army for some reason. smile

woolypigs Wed 18-Jun-14 02:27:42

Me too and I only have 3 people on Skype. It's very annoying but I delete and block them and ignore because in the end I am able to talk to my kids in Greece for free.

IAmNotAMindReader Wed 18-Jun-14 08:23:13

I get them too, unfortunately a few have had erect knob shots as a profile pic. It's spam, just decline and block.

Jamie1981 Wed 18-Jun-14 09:43:26

Agree with all the above. I use Skype regularly and because of my nickname (Jamie) and the fact i use my husbands email address, i think women selling "services" think i am a guy. So i regularly get this kind of invitation.

Meerka Wed 18-Jun-14 10:04:27

I must be lucky, I never do! though the skype handle is more or less a collection of random syllables with no sense to them, maybe that's why. Hard to pronounce but you almost never say your skype name, usually write it down.

Golferman Wed 18-Jun-14 15:46:47

I get at least four a day on Skype from females mostly in African countries and Russia, they are all scammers and I just block and delete.

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