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online dating - contact between dates

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heyho1919 Sat 10-May-14 16:46:14

Having been doing online dating for over a year and meeting lots of people tthe majority of whom i've never wanted to see again, I finally met someone who i thought might be special. We've had 2 dates, he seemed very keen, arrnaged 3 third date and been daily contact mainy by text, a couple of calls too. He's not been on the dating site since ou second date. Last contact was a lovley conversation full of chat and laughs, talking about our upcoming date this weekend and he was full of ideas for thing we could do in the future. Since then no contact (he usually instigates). I sent a text early this evening and no reply - looks like he's changed his mind. Any thoughts

BillyBanter Sat 10-May-14 16:57:28

He may have been in contact with someone else from the dating site by phone, or from elsewhere. Or maybe he's not had his phone on him.

It's not evening yet so I'm a bit confused about timings. when did you last speak and how long ago did you send the text? When is your date for?

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