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is this fair?

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jemcee Sat 10-May-14 10:02:14

I wondered if anyone had thoughts about this.

I often ask him what he wants and do the things he asks for in bed - nothing I'm uncomfortable with at all, and it is always enjoyable.

However, he rarely asks me what I want, so I tell him if he hasn't asked for a while or when he does ask, I'm quite clear about what I want to do and specifically what I want him to do, but it doesn't get done. He will say 'yes, I'll do that' and 'that sounds great' but very rarely does it happen, and then sometimes only half-heartedly.

I'm not sure what else to do. I've told him this upsets me, I've been very clear in my requests. I do everything he asks me to.

Am I being silly? Shall I be more forthright? Shall I leaver it?

JustAQuickQuestionPlease Sat 10-May-14 10:47:49

Is he lazy in bed?

jemcee Sat 10-May-14 10:53:43

No, he isn't.

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