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How often do you say I Love You?

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Tea1Sugar Sun 04-May-14 15:59:07

DP and I have been together 2years 3months. We have two kids. We both say the L word several times every day either face to face, in a text or phone call and always when we leave for work in the morning and when saying good night. I happened to mention this to some girlfriends and they seem to mock me implying it was weird. Is it

Fuckhimandhisfatbelly Sun 04-May-14 16:06:24

No. If you mean it it's right.

My dp told me he loved me un prompted and left me two days later sad

Debbie downer

louisville Sun 04-May-14 16:08:22

I say it very rarely, about once a year or so. DH and I have been married for 7 years. But I hear many other women say it at the end of every phone call. So I don't think it's weird to say it that often. I think if it works for you as a couple then that's fine. It works best for us to say it rarely and I think that's fine too.

sonlypuppyfat Sun 04-May-14 16:12:58

I say it a few times a day to DH, once a day to DM and all day to DCs even my great big strapping DS tells me he loves me when he's on the phone to me.

hmc Sun 04-May-14 16:14:15

To my dc - constantly
To my dh - hardly at all blush

iggy0155 Sun 04-May-14 16:15:20

DH and 8 have been together for nearly 15 years and say it several times a day. Always at the end of a phone call and nearly always before one of us go out smile

iggy0155 Sun 04-May-14 16:15:54

Meant me not 8!

MirandaWest Sun 04-May-14 16:34:59

I've been with my bf just over 2 years and we tell each other we love each other several times a day I think. And I tell my DC I love them lots as well.

SirChenjin Sun 04-May-14 16:37:45

Every day - both to DH and the DCs. I grew up in a family where it was never said and was determined not to repeat that with my own family.

postmanpatscat Sun 04-May-14 16:40:09

Dp and I say it every day, often several times a day eg when he leaves for work and later in the day when we're on the phone or both back home. If he goes away on business, I write him a card for roughly every other day.

My exH told me he loved me 3 times in 15 years and two of those were after I ended the marriage. He told me he would always love me, wonder what his current DP would think of that...

zeeboo Sun 04-May-14 16:47:23

Every time one of us leaves the house or place where the other is, at the end of all phone calls, as we go off to sleep and spontaneously when we feel particularly loving. For me when he does some housework or takes the kids out because I'm in pain.

Cerisier Sun 04-May-14 17:02:34

Married 25 years, we have never been very demonstrative. Don't really do hugs or use the L word very often. Not our style.

4littleones Sun 04-May-14 17:06:27

Several times a day. I think it's a shame when couples are not affectionate with each other any more, just because they have been together for a long time.

ForeskinHyena Sun 04-May-14 17:12:41

To DP several times a day sometimes, other times maybe once. Always before going to sleep and if we're not together then when we say goodbye on the phone.

To DCs at bedtime and when they do something particularly love-worthy like make me tea!

ForeskinHyena Sun 04-May-14 17:13:01

Been with DP a year and a half.

bouncinbean Sun 04-May-14 17:20:15

To my DD at least once a day.
With DP we are affectionate daily - cuddles and kisses but rarely say it. Maybe every 2 or 3 months - usually to describe when we are feeling particularly connected and full of emotion.
We both like this rarer use of it than as a general ending to a conversation between us.
(on text everyone gets an 'x' but only DP gets a 'xxx'!!!)

ScooseIsLoose Sun 04-May-14 17:28:37

Dh and I say it loads of times a day we have been together for ten years and married for 5. I say it constantly to dd too I cant recall my mum ever saying it to me

UtterFool Sun 04-May-14 17:33:14

Both all the time.

We are possibly the most sickly couple ever blush even after 15 years.

patothechiefexec Sun 04-May-14 17:36:16

7.5 years together and one of us says it least once a day.

Pasithea Sun 04-May-14 17:41:13

Almost never.

trikken Sun 04-May-14 17:42:20

Every day.

Shodan Sun 04-May-14 17:43:07

Several times a day to Dh and the DCs. DH and I also hug a lot, hold hands while walking etc etc. We've been together 11 years.

My favourite times to tell ds1 (18) that I love him is either when he's on the xBox live with his friends ('Mummy wuvs her ickle boy') or when he's being particularly 'teenagery' .

MilksteakCharlie Sun 04-May-14 17:47:43

Dp and I have been together 4 years and we say it all the time. I also tell the dc I love them many times a day.

ShatnersBassoon Sun 04-May-14 17:54:20

I say it every day. At every goodbye and goodnight at the very least.

MaryMungoAndMidgies Sun 04-May-14 18:01:34

Hmm. I would like to say it. I used to.

Not all the time, but sometimes I would just get that rush where I would give him a big hug and say it.

However, not too long ago he said he didn't love me any more. We are still together as he wanted to work through it. Things seem better now, but I just can't bring myself to say anything. Even though I feel it.
What does that say about me? sad

I tell my Lab I love her every night, I whisper it in her ear just before she nods off.

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