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How did he propose to you ?

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ThefarmersWife99 Thu 01-May-14 14:11:31

I was registered on here before but for some reason cannot log in ( something to do with my e-mail account) in case anyone thinks its strange I'm here !! smile

I'm slogging through the mass of paperwork my darling OH has left to accumulate right up to the last minute when he needs it for someone coming to test the land for spray... typical man.

So whilst debating the easiest way to murder him , It got my thinking about when he proposed to me ( he is a farmer, if the name doesn't give it away). I always take his lunch to him so drove over like any normal day but he made some lame excuse about me needing to see new suspension on the seats in the combine... so in I clambered beside his dad. As we drove into the next field there was sign that had ' I have a very big question to ask you' and the tractor then pulled up beside us with ' will you marry me' spray painted onto the back of the trailer !!

Some people might find that very OTT and a waste of time , can understand that completely and I would have been more than happy for a quiet discussion about it. But it was very romantic especially for him smile. All the effort he went through to organise it and keep it secret, suppose it doesn't make this mountain of paperwork quite so bad !

So how did your OH propose to you ? wine

ThePearShapedToad Thu 01-May-14 14:13:11

Awwwww <happy sigh>

I haven't got a bf to be able to be proposed to (yet!), but love hearing about other people's stories smile

Guilty pleasure of mine is watching you tube videos of people's proposals smile

ThefarmersWife99 Thu 01-May-14 14:17:04

Besides getting married it was the happiest day of my life, all work stopped and he had organised friends coming over after the all clear of ' she said yes' was given out. So that lovely hot summer evening was spent in one of the fields with a BBQ and cider smile

Aw ! you never know, Mr right might pop up just round the corner

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Thu 01-May-14 14:49:03

He ran me a bath, candles, flower petals and my favourite music playing. Wondered why he was speaking so fast ( and talking rubbish lol) then he proposed,and have never seen him so nervous!!!

HeyBungalowBill Thu 01-May-14 14:53:12

Place marking to cheer me up, love a good proposal story smile

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 01-May-14 14:53:42

Went for a walk at night,to the place where we had our first kiss, proposed under the stars.

offside Thu 01-May-14 14:59:40

Every Christmas my DP always gets me an advent calendar. Christmas just gone, he got me a personalised one he had designed, in each window was a picture from when we went travelling, or our first date or something that we had done. On the back, it read "I hope you cherish the memories as much as I do". I opened the Christmas day window and inside it had "will you marry me" on it and he was down on one knee when I opened it. Not to mention we were in NYC staying in a hotel overlooking Central Park on a glorious, albeit freezing, Christmas day morning. And the last 3 days in the advent calendar, he had chosen pics from landmarks across NYC and had made sure we had visited them on those days. He's a good 'un smile

skinmysunshine Thu 01-May-14 15:10:07

offside that is adorable.

DH proposed to me in the restaurant of an hotel we were staying in on Fraser Island after we had had a wonderful day touring around. I have a photo of us right afterwards and we both look petrified! We'd been together 10 years at that point and it took us another 8 to get married.

Hormonalhell Thu 01-May-14 15:17:03

Offside how wonderfully romantic smile

Thought my guy was a good un but wow!!

Salazar Thu 01-May-14 15:21:11

We were in bed one Saturday morning, just nattering about the future. One of us said 'we should get married' and the other said 'yeah ok'. And it was done. Got a ring that day.

Anything big and showy would be cringe inducing and embarrassing for me, so it was perfect.

fieldfare Thu 01-May-14 15:24:45

He proposed in the bottom of the Grand Canyon after a helicopter ride. He'd organised a champagne picnic too which was lovely and as we took off again the pilot played a load of our favourite songs he'd set up. It was amazing and still makes me grin like a loon thinking of it. It was at sunset and we flew back over the strip as all the lights came on and the fountains in front of the Bellagio were going. Just breathtaking.

passmethewineplease Thu 01-May-14 15:26:44

We went for a weekend away to the lake district, I didn't know we were going either...we checked in to our hotel and went for a walk, he seemed set on going a particular way, not long after we were at a waterfall and he asked me next to it. smile one of the happiest days of my life.

Have to add though taking a 36 week pregnant woman on a long walk and then standing near running water was not wise. grin

HillyHolbrook Thu 01-May-14 15:33:22

I'm ridiculous and DP and I are always joking around and saying stupid stuff. Every time he paid me a compliment for about a year I would just sing 'If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it' at him grin then one morning I'd just gotten out of the shower and saw he'd laid me one of my best outfits out on the bed which was lovely anyway. He does this sometimes when he's off work because he often makes surprise plans, so I was excited already, wondering what he was plotting.

He came up behind me and knelt down to kiss my neck as I was just finishing getting ready at the dressing table and told me I looked lovely. I got as far as 'if you Iike...' And when I turned round to face him he pulled the ring out from behind his back and told me we were going out to a naice local pub for lunch to celebrate, where our loved ones were waiting to congratulate us.

I almost exploded. Even typing it out makes me giddy grin

Nocomet Thu 01-May-14 15:36:17

We were laying in bed.

DH says I said something soppy (neither of us can remember what), so he decided in that split second to say "will you marry me?"

We'd been together 6 weeks, but we had both know that we'd get married pretty much from our first date (actually weekend together), I gave him a lift and dropping him off took longer than anticipated.

ThePearShapedToad Thu 01-May-14 16:06:59

Good grief *offside^ that is beautiful!!

<makes notes for future bf to accidentally find>

RedFocus Thu 01-May-14 16:09:27

My dh works on fast jets and he was showing me a particular favourite of his at the RAF base he worked at and suddenly went down on one knee and proposed. I was really embarrassed as it was in front if quite a few people but I was also delighted and immediately accepted. It was on valentines day and exactly a year later we got married. Perfect.

redundantandbitter Thu 01-May-14 16:21:34

offside that is soooooo impressive. Really, he's gonna struggle to top that next Xmas grin

Chopsypie Thu 01-May-14 16:31:38

DH proposed on the beach where we were having a late night walk. It was 6 months after we met and it was my 20th birthday. He got down on one knee and everything. It's the only romantic thing he has ever done. We got married almost 2 years later.

mandi73 Thu 01-May-14 17:58:29

He stood in the kitchen doorway and said "fine do you wanna get married then, do you want a ring too"
So romantic smile
In fairness to him we just don't do romantic at all,
So glad I said yes though, oh and other than buying shirts and turning up I organised the whole wedding toosmile

Hopelass Thu 01-May-14 18:10:41

On my birthday last year we'd been woken up at 7am by our 4 week old first baby DS, OH took him out of the room and then came back with DS, a small gift bag and a card. He got back into bed holding DS and told me to open the card first. It was "from DS" saying happy birthday Mummy etc and said at the end "PS, will you marry Daddy?" Whilst I was reading, OH had been getting the ring box out of the bag and was holding it out open to me when I looked up smilesmile

Jungfraujoch Thu 01-May-14 18:15:08

On a plane taking us to New York for a break!

fairylightsintheloft Thu 01-May-14 18:23:07

my ex DH brought me the usual flowers etc on our anniversary of being together and I was pretty miffed there hadn't been a proposal (after 8 years) so flounced off to a bath with the new bubble bath he'd bought me. He'd always fluff the towel in the dryer for me and did that (a new lovely white one - baths are a big thing with me). HE kept asking if I'd get out and I was basically sulking so stayed in for ages. When I eventually did, he came to wrap the towel round me like always and he'd written will you marry me on it. Still love that story even though we're ex. It was so perfectly about US and the things that he knew were special for me, not a generic restaurant or Paris or something that had no connection for us.

bigoldbird Thu 01-May-14 18:24:45

Eating breakfast one Easter Monday morning

DH: I would ask you to marry me, but you would only say no.

Me: I might not

DH: So if I asked you, would you say yes?

Me: Yes

DH: Will you marry me?

Me: Yes

Best thing I ever did was marry DH. Unfortunately, he then had to go to work and I was on my own all day, bursting with excitement and joy, and nobody to talk to. Married 7 years now. I love him more than I can ever say. :-)

jnl0612 Thu 01-May-14 18:30:00

In bed.. Nothing exciting he's as romantic as a house brick
I loooove reading all your stories, made me shed a tear smile

NoSnotAllowed Thu 01-May-14 18:32:11

We were in Tobago. We'd been on a day-long boat trip around the island and ended the day at the Nylon Pool (a formation of sandbanks that creates a 'swimming pool' in the middle of the ocean). He got down on one knee in the water, pulled a ring out of the back pocket of his swim shorts and popped the question! We celebrated with rum out of plastic beakers and a game of nerf!

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