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Waimaz Sun 06-Apr-14 03:08:18

Has anyone heard from cantty? Hope shes ok

canttypefortears Sun 06-Apr-14 04:51:19


Thanks walmaz!

Came to the end of my original thread and didnt get round to starting a new one, sorry!

Lifes changed dramatically once more. H was seriously ill with a life threatening condition and was in hospital for three weeks. I dont want to go into too much detail in fear of being outed but he has been left with some rather serious physical problems which he may never fullt recover from.

He called me the day he was discharged and he was in pieces. I offered to have him home as i knew it was the best place for him to recouperate. He has a bed opposed to a sofa and easy bathing facilities here. I went to the hospital and he asked if he could come to the house. I took him home.

I am under no illusions that this fixes things, it doesnt. H is currently in the spare room and has been home for a fortnight. I dont know what will happen. You may all think im mad but i feel im doing the right thing. I stick by my marriage vows.

As for me, im still very stressed and dropping weight. I am however eating more because im cooking proper meals to build up Hs strength. Im still not sleeping to well, which is probably obvious as i post this at 4.45 am! Im still having the odd wobble but have generally held back since Hs return. Im trying to make home feel happy, safe and comfortable which it is. Funnily, the atmosphere between H and I is ok, yes there is the odd awkward moment but on the whole feels relatively normal. The kids are happy to have daddy back which worries me if he does decide to go again.

The condition he had may be to blame for the whole situation. It can be slow burning and causes personality changes. For now, its going to be a long time for H to recover so i must dig deep and be strong for all around me and myself.

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