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is my mum cintrolling/ridiculous or are we ungrateful brats?

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havenever Thu 03-Apr-14 15:42:14

This sounds like nothing much. And it isn't really, but i struggle sometimes to trust my own judgement. Would appreciate some opinions please

my mum bought dd (8 years old) 3 dresses. 2 where in a smaller size than the other 1. I thought they all looked nice, just different 'styles' (tight or baggy). DD liked the tighter fitting dresses, but my mum insisted they were too small and needed returning to the shop..she could keep the 1 in a larger size. It then transpired that the friend who had been at ours for tea and since fine home; had been meant 1 of the dresses to wear for the school trip the next day, so they could 'both look fab'. My mum hit the roof...by this time another friend was visiting dd and my mum screamed and shouted at dd in front of her friend, making her cry. All the while i had been stuck in the garden, finishing a job i could leave midway through.

once i was free, i reiterated to dd that she shouldn't have meant the new dress to her friend but reassured my mum i would get it back unworn. She was insistant that she should return the smaller ones as she had paid her money for them and they wouldn't last 2 minutes. DD needed the larger size. I told her to take them all back and get a refund as dd didn't like the baggier size. My mum threw the dresses on the floor in rage and said 'dont you start as well'

i said she should leave


how ridiculous?!

i don't really know how to go on from here. I expect we will just forget this happened and never mention it again...but WTF. This is over controlling, right?

debbs77 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:48:18

I tend to agree with your mum! Though I wouldn't shout about it if I was in her position.

She spent her own money buying your daughter clothes, if they aren't going to last long then it is a waste of her money.

If she bought the dresses and immediately one was lent to someone else I would be annoyed too!! she bought them for your daughter, not your daughters friend xx

havenever Fri 04-Apr-14 19:51:57

We have seen my mum this evening. She was very apologetic to dd, it was very heart felt. I told her, she had really frightened dd. I will talk to her about her moods/temper in more general terms. But at least now i can pick a time, when it wont be confrontational. I'm relieved she realised she was out of order

Meerka Fri 04-Apr-14 20:02:26

That's really good news havenever smile gives a lot of hope for breaking the increasing bouts of temper.

gl smile

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