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been invited to bfs sons bday party...BUT now ill have to do same

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mummyOF4darlings Wed 02-Apr-14 16:32:02

Been with my new bf nearly 3 weeks (not long i know) all is going great, hes asked if i want to bring kids to his sons birthday party his mum is doing it at her house course i said yes course i will i met his parents and a few other members of his family at the weekend and got on ok so thats not a problem.

Its my sons bday the week after and i always do joint partys with the kids dad, i am wanting to ask him to his party and can bring his boys if he has them would be lovely to have him there and an excuse for him to meet my family. BUT as its a joint party for his dads family to come aswell im not sure if there is going to be this atmosphere there. Me and ex get on well now and i get on well with his mum and sister but the rest of them are abit funny with me. I know it wouldnr be a problem for myself or my ex he will probilly have his gf there but im worried bf might feel a bit awkward, there will only be me there and obviously i will be mingling with my family and friends as well as the running of the party.
Meeting my family, friends and my ex asnd his family all in the same afternoon i know i would find it daunting so dont know what to do, he knows ive arranged a party but ot actually asked him if he wants to come but since he txt earlier asking about his party im now thinking i should invite him.

Anyone any advice?

gingermop Wed 02-Apr-14 16:37:00

im thinking y are u meeting each others kids so early in the relationship?

PollyIndia Wed 02-Apr-14 16:38:18

Have you known him longer than 3 weeks? Seems very soon to be doing either party to me. My boyfriend has just met my family after 2.5 months and I felt like that was too fast really, though it was all fine.
I think if you don't feel comfortable asking him, don't. That is totally normal after 3 weeks and better than feeling awkward with him there.

MorelloKiss Wed 02-Apr-14 16:40:15

Just explain. He may well not want to come due to kids dad being there, I know I'd understand/prefer not to risk it.

3 weeks may be a bit soon for anyone to be meeting anyone though...

Littlefish Wed 02-Apr-14 16:41:16

It think it all sounds like it's moving too fast.

mummyOF4darlings Wed 02-Apr-14 16:41:39

They have met him before hand as he is my next door neighbours cousin hes around alot, they think hes just my friend. We never get any child free or work free time im afraid so most of our time weve seen each other as to meet for a coffee etc while kids play its not ideal i know

BitsinTatters Wed 02-Apr-14 16:41:44

3 weeks is far too early to meet children

mummyOF4darlings Wed 02-Apr-14 16:44:44

Yes will talk to him on the phone tonight once hes finished. I must say i was relieved that his ex wont be at their party just because of the pure awkwadness

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