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A lip-wibbling unashamed Mother's Day boast

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akaWisey Sun 30-Mar-14 12:15:39

This is the letter my DD (18) has just given me:

Dear Mum,

Happy Mother's Day! You have been a mother now for 34 years. How does that feel?

I hope you've loved being a mum to me, DS1 and DS2 because we love having you as our mum. I don't doubt being a mum is hard especially with the lives we have had so far, but you've done it so well.

No matter how much we've been through and how difficult we have been to cope with you have always been there and never gave up on us. Equally we're here for you, we've all taken your side and all support you, because we love you.

You may already know this but i am so proud of the woman you are. It's amazing for me to see you so sad during a horrible time and compare that to how you are now. It shows your strength. It shows you are a good person and although it all may have hindered our relationship a bit at the time it also brought us closer together so I'm thankful for that.
I feel that from the way you have brought me up, especially after these last couple of years, I have become very independent and I have been allowed to become me. I've grown up a lot thanks to you. Although that may sound sad to you as if I'm about to fly away it's actually a good thing. It means I won't have to rely on anyone in my life.

You know yourself (even though sometimes you're doubtful). You are an amazing woman/mother/person. And hey, you've got men dropping falling at your feet!! Don't ever doubt you're all the things I've said because I mean it. I love you mum.

Little Wisey

So - I'm going to have a small cry grin

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 30-Mar-14 12:17:10

Aww, that's lovely grinthanks

mammadiggingdeep Sun 30-Mar-14 12:18:02

I'm having a small cry for you. Just lovely. You deserve it.

wine cheers!

Bowlersarm Sun 30-Mar-14 12:18:21

Oh how lovely. I can see I need to drop hints to my 18 year old that this is the very present I'd like next year.

Have a great day, OP.

bohoec Sun 30-Mar-14 12:20:43

Yes, amazing. Well done for being such a fantastic mum. And your DD sounds wonderful - independent, empathetic and kind enough to take the time to put words on paper to tell you how much you mean to her.

Happy Mother's Day wine

louby44 Sun 30-Mar-14 12:37:55

Lovely! You must be very proud! Enjoy your day

Deathwatchbeetle Sun 30-Mar-14 14:58:35

Waaaaaaaah! That has made me fill up as much as the tot that made her mum some toast them got in bed beside her and ate it!!!

Keep that letter as a treasure to be pulled out whenever you have dark days or feel unappreciated.

50KnockingonabiT Sun 30-Mar-14 15:03:57

I am having a cry on your behalf toosmile

Be proud, not only of your children, but of yourself, you've obviously done a great job X

Raxacoricofallapatorius Sun 30-Mar-14 15:08:52

You sound brilliant. I hope you feel completely proud of yourself and have a day as marvellous as you are.

Caramelle Sun 30-Mar-14 15:18:05

I think I have something in my eye. wink

RalphGnu Sun 30-Mar-14 15:22:10

I feel all warm inside smile

You must be so proud, OP, and your lovely DD sounds very proud too.

FR1 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:41:17

You have a lovely thoughtful daughter!

akaWisey Sun 30-Mar-14 16:09:04

She's luffly and we're going out for something nice to eat very soon.

Thank you all.

Gunznroses Sun 30-Mar-14 16:16:37

Oh my God! That is so lovely, I've got a big big lump in my throat. Your lovely daughter! Aw aw aw aw! <sits in bed crying>

Scornedwoman67 Sun 30-Mar-14 16:56:37

how lovely. You are right to be so proud flowers x

Fathertedfan Sun 30-Mar-14 16:56:41

What a lovely daughter x

CoffeeTea103 Sun 30-Mar-14 16:58:28

What a darling daughter you have smile

BackforGood Sun 30-Mar-14 17:02:59

That's lovely - I'm having a little well up here.

youmakemydreams Sun 30-Mar-14 17:05:38

A little tear here for you too. What a wonderful letter to receive. You've obviously done a fantastic job. Have a lovely meal and an un mn big hug x

Hissy Sun 30-Mar-14 17:47:36

Aw! If ever there was a woman that deserves such a letter, it's you wisey

How lovely! smile

Anniegetyourgun Sun 30-Mar-14 18:07:02


Tears here too - simply beautiful flowers

Rumplestiltskinismyname Sun 30-Mar-14 18:18:58


ghostinthecanvas Sun 30-Mar-14 18:21:38

Thats lovely. Thank you for sharing x flowers

Deathwatchbeetle Sun 30-Mar-14 21:07:24

This is what it is all about, not the over commercial crap!

This was surely appreciated more than a hallmark card and flowers. It is the showing of appreciation and making the effort to show she really does appreciate you.

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