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Self depreciating partner

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hurleyburley88 Sun 30-Mar-14 11:08:46

my partner and I have been together for four years and have one DD toddler. He is good with her and is caring however seems to sacrifice himself for others, this does seem honourable however gets v stressed when trying to manage his own stress as he gives everything away. I have tried to help eg trying to get him to go to meditation/yoga classes and he has been to a therapist which did seem to help until the therapist told him he did not need this anymore. Now the problem is I feel our relationship is going stale . I don't feel attracted to him anymore because of his lack of self worth and he quite needy. Along side this behaviour he does not put much into our relationship but will pay for things I suggest and outings I organise . Part of me want's to leave him, however the thought of being alone with my DD is financially horrifying as I would struggle. We have argued about the low self esteem issue's many times and things do not seem to change. Does anyone have any suggestions. I was thinking about going to Relate counselling. Has
anyone used their services?

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