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When the kids get older do you bicker less?

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Runlikeareindeer Sat 29-Mar-14 21:15:20

Dh and I argue over daft things. Not all the time, but it will build up. Housework, sleep, who gets to go running, money, sleep etc.

I don't feel like there is anything seriously wrong in our relationship, and we certainly get on at other times.

We have a 4.5 ds and a 19mknth dd (who doesn't sleep through!)

Does it get better when they get older?

Collection Sat 29-Mar-14 21:32:49

Well my DSis and I are both in our 40s and our parents bicker more now than they ever did (they always did quite a bit). Absolutely devoted to each other and completely united against anyone else but they can argue over what the weather was like yesterday, what time they went to bed last night, whose idea to was to go to the shop today....

In my own relationship, I would definitely say a proper night sleep helps.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 30-Mar-14 07:36:40

I agree with the PP. My parents bickered when we were small, sniped as we grew up and are now in their seventies and still having a go at each other across the breakfast table! It was bloody awful growing up in that kind of nasty atmosphere waiting for the next spat, so I strongly recommend you find ways to resolve problems and speak kindly to each other now and not hope it gets better by itself.

lastone Sun 30-Mar-14 08:12:11

We def bicker less now 2 left home and 1 remaining (who is the easiest by far). Less to bicker over! More time for each other. Last nite we were in on our own and watched TV holdin hands. Hang in there, it gets easier smile

Parliamo Sun 30-Mar-14 08:40:00

My parents bicker all the time too, and I'm sure it's worse than I remember growing up. But they still do everything together and seem to have a good time on holiday so it can't be too toxic.

DH and I are definitely bickering a bit less now he is helping me to get more sleep (we have 3 non sleeping under 5s). I'm also trying hard not to let resentment build up and making a conscious effort to get at him less. I am worse for this than him. I sometimes think if he spoke to me like I speak to him, we'd be in serious trouble, which is an awful thing to admit. I'd rather be like his parents than mine! They're nice to each other!

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