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Went NC with friend, now she is asking to meet up?

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Mrswellyboot Mon 24-Mar-14 15:59:51

Advice please

One of my longest known friends and I met regularly but I didn't really enjoy meeting up with her. However, she has her good points. Bad points are moaning (excessively) I don't mind a little, ringing constantly to meet up (like on a Sunday morning to meet later in the day- Sunday is my muk day at home), old fashioned chat (very nosey and then mixes up what I have said and repeats it back constantly 'you said this the last time'

I get a bit embarrassed around her asking me if I've ever had thrush in front of her husband, telling mine I used to be obsessed with weight watchers ( we had only started dating)

Anyway I could put up with all these things.

When I have birth I wanted a few days to myself, bleeding nipples, emcs recovery. She rang while still in hospital and dh asked her to postpone coming in. She then rang my mother saying my dh wasn't letting me have visitors (my mum basks in scandal and gossip too).

She sent wierd texts how 'we are all sore', then tried calling to the house with dh and two kids, I said no problem. She said between 8 & 9 pm. I asked her could they come during the day at the weekend that I was cluster feeding. New baby, just home and she started shouting. Then contacting my mother, ringing her and talking about what was wrong with me.

I feel so guilty but I asked her to leave me have my space. I haven't returned calls. She knows I thought she was nasty and started crying and crying.

Couple on months have passed. She rang and text today to meet up again.

What do I do ? Ps. I don't have that many friends but am I better with none or do I make up with aghhh

MrsKermittSmith Wed 26-Mar-14 18:00:38

That's good, support from your mother will help.

I would remain as detached as possible in your dealings with her.

Hopefully those at work will see who is dignified and sensible and who is ott and obsessive. Its a shame you don't feel you can talk to your boss about it, how long do you have before you return to work?

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