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5 months of internet dating and getting nowhere!??! help??

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olympicsbaby Sat 22-Mar-14 13:44:14

I'm on Match and Eharmony and been on 10 dates... 8 liked me but they were slightly odd or nice but not for me.. two I liked but didnt want to see me again!

My profile is nice/normal and has been reviewed by friends! 2 nice photos, nice blurb etc... it does say i have one child... im hardly getting any interest??? (I do wink at lots of people but most dont respond!) HELP??

louby44 Sat 22-Mar-14 13:47:51

It's a numbers game. When I did it 7 years ago I dated 10 blokes and #10 ended up being my partner for 6 years. Sadly we are no longer together.

But it is a nightmare at times! Come over to the dating thread it's nice over there!

gigglekicks Sat 22-Mar-14 13:55:56

Try Tinder, there's no mucking about on there with winks and the like. I have been invited to 9 dates and been on 6 in four weeks. All were nice guys, and the last one may be a keeper ;)

Be bold and go for volume!!

olympicsbaby Sat 22-Mar-14 14:03:41

thanks louby... could u post the link? i cant find the dating thread?

ahh giggle i will try tinder.. thought they were just all time wasters?or up for a sh*g types??

CrystalBeth Sat 22-Mar-14 14:06:13

I've tried OD and second the opinion of "volume" you basically need to speak to/meet as many people as possible because odds are you will be compatible with about 1 in 50.

louby44 Sat 22-Mar-14 14:12:10

gigglekicks Sat 22-Mar-14 14:54:25

OK, I figure Tinder is all about volume...I am really choosey about who I like, and still match with probably 5 people a day, of those, two will probably message me that day and over a week I guess I am being asked on 1 or 2 dates.

But because of the volume, I guess, as with life, you get those looking for hook ups and you just ignore them...

I don't spend AGES chatting online, we meet up and if we click we click...if not, I move on. Put your thick skin on and go for it...I figure I ain't gonna find the needle in the hay stack if I only look at one piece of grass at a time wink

olympicsbaby Sat 22-Mar-14 15:37:45

lol thats a great way of looking at it! HAve you been on many dates where u've liked them and theyve not wanted to see u again? its really knocked my confidence!!

olympicsbaby Sat 22-Mar-14 15:46:22

is there an internet dating talk/discussion thing on here?

itwillgetbettersoon Sat 22-Mar-14 17:37:06

Yes try Tinder. I've been on two dates and both blokes very nice but not for me. I've not had any funny texts etc. there are married men on there but sometimes they put that in their profile or their photos are not quite right.

I am finding that some men in their early fifties are so old so I might need to lower the age range!!!

bouncyagain Sat 22-Mar-14 17:43:47

I agree about Tinder. It's excellent. I think the websites are awful.

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