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awaywiththepixies Sat 22-Mar-14 00:59:02

My H and I separated almost 2 years ago because of his use of porn on the internet. He acknowledged his problem and appeared to be getting help. Fast forward to now and I find out he's back to his old tricks and has escalated to find a slag websites etc. he has contact with our kids and I am struggling to be polite, as I just keep thinking about where he's been and the fact he's hugging / kissing the kids. I know it's not really my business but I just feel he's such a skank and I'm starting to obsess. He doesn't know I know.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sat 22-Mar-14 06:35:20

How do you know? Why do you know? As long as he's just hugging and kissing the children rather than exposing them to dodgy websites, what he does in his own time is private.

Lweji Sat 22-Mar-14 06:37:15

You do need to let go.
Frankly, I'd find it sad and would pity him.

Unless you were holding hopes of getting back together.

summermovedon Sat 22-Mar-14 07:18:14

Porn is a funny one, really though your ex watching porn does not make him a bad or unhygienic father, as distasteful as it might feel. Unless he is looking at illegal images, there is nothing wrong with a healthy adult being sexual. Masturbation and getting aroused is not catching, your children won't come out with spots. As long as they are never exposed to it directly, or he neglects them whilst in his care in order to look at images. Children at the end of the day we conceived because of sexuality. If you are obsessing about this, in the nicest possible way, perhaps you need to talk to someone about it as it is not healthy.

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