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Ex forever cramping my style ...

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lemonbabe Thu 20-Mar-14 21:40:06

My DD is being christened this weekend. She should've been christened 7 years ago but since ex was anti-religion I gave in to keep the peace and neither child was christened.

It's his weekend to have the kids but he'll be present and will arrive with our boy after his Saturday sports. They'll literally be passing my house so I suggested him bringing DS in so I can change him. He refuses and told me to make up a bag with the clothes in.

I didn't want to do this as the clothes will look like rags + knowing my DS his hair will look like worzel gummidge and his face will be suitably dirty too.

My ex was eternally controlling, even to the point of telling me where I should live when he'd dumped me !! On this one day, couldn't he just let it be and shut the f^*€ up for once ?!!

I know it seems trivial but he makes my blood boil the way he never gives an inch.

Do I leave him to dress my DS - running the risk of him turning up looking not unlike a Romanian orphan ?! Or do I just give him the bag of clothes and let him have his own way.... as per ?

olathelawyer05 Fri 21-Mar-14 00:04:23

Seeing as it's his parenting time, you're going to have to leave him to it and let him be a parent. He probably resents you trying to micro - manage his time with his son so that it's more convenient for you.

And what does a Romania orphan look like exactly? Do they have a particular look as opposed to say English orphans?

GertTheFlirt Fri 21-Mar-14 07:24:48

I would have arranged the christening for one of my weekends!

Walkacrossthesand Fri 21-Mar-14 07:27:03

I'm curious - if he didn't want them christened, why is it booked to happen on one of 'his' weekends? Couldn't it have been arranged to be on one of your weekends? Why is only DD being christened? (--maybe it's because she's old enough for it to be her own choice--)

Cabrinha Fri 21-Mar-14 07:31:44

I don't doubt he's an arsehole... But why are you doing this during his contact time?

As for being smart... how long does it take to run a baby wipe over a child and brush his hair? If he has something to wear that will crease, hang it up in church and get him to change there. 5 minutes will be all it takes. Can you delegate that to a family member so you don't have the stress of it? Cleaning up your boy will be quick and not stressful at all, it's stressful for you because it represents your ex's control. But for your mother / sister / friend it's a quick job.

I think a muddy, sporty child turning up would be cute though!

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