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DHs BIL hit him, not SIL has fallen out with us wtf

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ThinkIMmad Tue 18-Mar-14 23:09:54

So saturday night my sils OH was celebrating his 3oth she threw him a little bash at home but hardly anyone turned up resulting in him been in a right mood all night, got very drunk then dissapeared with his friend who returned half hour later with his mate running to the toilet to take some drugs (not bil). It was pretty obvious tbh you could just tell when he came back down what hed been doing she went mad and kicked him out resulting in her husband having a major paddy throwing stuff.

Dh had a go at him and Bil launched himself at him and they had a little scuffle (dh is not violent, but twice the size of him) he was just trying to push him away but think the size gap made it look worse. Anyway sil pinned her oh up and calmed him down we was leaving when he punched DH he now has a lovely black eye. We just left i think if i wasnt there to calm dh down he would of gone mad but think a few words were exchanged but we were both a bit shook up so just wanted get out there. She chased after us and said she was sorry and she was going to get him to appologise but we werent interested at the time.

So sunday we went to his parents to get the kids and told them what had happened they hate their son in law as it is so apparently when SIL went to get her kids they have had a blazing row and DH has had a nasty phone call off her saying hes stirring. Shes txt me today appologising but to me its too late i have not got a problem with her at all we get on so well last thing i wanted to do was fall out but her husband attacked her brother why cant she see this, she doesnt seem to think its serious but in our lives this is the sort of thing you see on jeremy kyle.

I know reading back it sound like we are a bunch of shameless types but were not bil actually has a really good job and sil is a teaching assistant not the sort of thing you expect. Just where do we go from here we are both really upset over it why cant she just accept that and putting the blame on us?

Sorry for rambling

VanitasVanitatum Tue 18-Mar-14 23:15:27

Sounds like she was really upset and embarrassed, she was probably feeling very defensive when she found out you had discussed with her parents.

She has apologised, I wouldn't continue to be angry with her but he will need to apologise and I wouldn't be socialising with him where alcohol is involved again.

ThinkIMmad Tue 18-Mar-14 23:24:02

yes true i know she is very deffensive of him. It wasnt that OH was telling tales they asked what happened to his eye so told them.

It will probilly blow over but we wont be socialising anymore (not that we did much anyway) will still to family events i think

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