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So it took shit on the loo seat to snap

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Mintymoomoo Sat 15-Mar-14 12:27:13

So after 6 months of huge issues etc over his drinking I told him to piss off and get out over some shit on the toilet seat!

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and when we first discovered this unplanned pregnancy he acted like a total dick, getting smashed and trying to make me have a abortion on the basis that he would marry me next year and maybe we could try for a baby in a few years (I'm nearly 35) whilst referring to the baby as "that little cunt" I have had previous post about this! We split up then and I stupidly gave him another chance after he promised to get help for the drinking and attend AA meeting...... In the space if 3 weeks he has stopped going to meetings and now says he is just having a brake from drinking until football season starts then will drink more in control!

Final thing for me was this morning when he basically lined up my 3 children to demand to know who got shit on the loo seat! The fuss he made was just bloody stupid, I just looked at him and realised we can never live together he makes me and my kids miserable, he is just not a child friendly person..... Why have I put up with him and put my children through this for the last 2 years?

So now I will be a single mum to his baby (my 4th) but I'm feeling postive and I think I will be fine, please someone tell me I will be and that you to have been in this situation.

Just needed to write this down

WishUponAStar88 Sat 15-Mar-14 12:29:21

Good luck to you. He sounds like a knob you and your children will be happier without him thanks

BertieBotts Sat 15-Mar-14 12:29:24

Well done smile

This is the beginning of the rest of your life. You will be more than fine... you will look back and marvel at how long you put up with it. You are incredibly strong and an asset to your children.

flowers brew Have a lovely weekend with your children without his drama smile

FrigginRexManningDay Sat 15-Mar-14 12:30:29

I think being a single mum is the best thing for your family, they dont need an abusive alcoholic in their lives.

Mintymoomoo Sat 15-Mar-14 12:37:36

Thank you ladies just want I need to hear, I know the practical side of thing I will be fine, I brought up my 3 alone from when I left my EXH for 5 years they where 1,3,5

My children are so excited about this new baby at at 7/9/11 will be a massive help!

redshoeblueshoe Sat 15-Mar-14 12:41:28

Minty thanks stay strong

callamia Sat 15-Mar-14 12:43:26

Good for you. I think you're all about to be a lot happier.
Congratulations on your newest baby too!

Wishfulmakeupping Sat 15-Mar-14 12:45:56

You and all your children will be so much happier without him in your home. Good luck for the future

paxtecum Sat 15-Mar-14 12:52:34

Minty: You and the DCs will be a great team.

Best wishes to you all.

Anjou Sat 15-Mar-14 13:00:20

Good for you, Minty. Have a fabulous weekend with your kids and bump without that complete cock ruining things. You'll all be much happier without him and, even though it may be a little hard at first, just think how much brighter all if your futures are without him in it. thanks

Sallyingforth Sat 15-Mar-14 13:06:53

I haven't been in your position with my partner, but I have known families broken by heavy drinkers.
It sounds as if things are getting worse and if he doesn't make a serious effort to stop his habit he's going to drag you all down with him. So I agree with the others that you should make a clean break, sooner rather than later.
If the shock of that makes him realise he has to clean up his act, you will even be doing him a favour too.

spatchcock Sat 15-Mar-14 13:27:17

You will be more than fine - you will be happier.

Congratulations on your baby x

crispyporkbelly Sat 15-Mar-14 13:31:33

You're a great mum for putting them first, well done. You will be fine - definitely better without him

LEMmingaround Sat 15-Mar-14 13:37:54

Whoever it was that left shit on the toilet seat -thank them

Handywoman Sat 15-Mar-14 14:04:35

You are your kids will be great together. Enjoy your family without this loser in your life. This is the best thing you could have done. thanks

Shellywelly1973 Sat 15-Mar-14 14:07:46

You know what? You will be fine.

I ended up a single parent at 34 weeks pregnant with dc6. Exdp wasn't a drinker but he was like an observer & we weren't a partnership. Life is a bit mad but easier!

Dd is 5 weeks old. Exdp hasn't even seen her...

There will be loads of things you prefer about life without him.

Take care of yourself & your dc.

leggingsarenottrousers Sat 15-Mar-14 14:09:56

Just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck for the future. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family.

strongagain1985 Sat 15-Mar-14 14:10:33

You are a fantastic mum, stay strong and well done for removing this emotionally damaging person from your family unit. Congratulations on the pregnancy and seek support to help you during the time the baby is born. Xx

newsandreviews Sat 15-Mar-14 17:36:15

Gosh he sounds horrid. Get rid of him and enjoy your bubbies and your new baby. How exciting! And send him a shit in the post smile

HermioneWeasley Sat 15-Mar-14 17:41:08

Wow, you'll be so much happier without him.

Eastpoint Sat 15-Mar-14 17:43:22

Well done Minty ��

Eastpoint Sat 15-Mar-14 17:44:03

Sorry those were meant to be thanks

Handywoman Sat 15-Mar-14 18:14:46

Shellywelly it is so nice to hear you are doing well smile congrats on your brand new dd thanks

oldgrandmama Sat 15-Mar-14 19:24:43

Good for you! The guy sounds a horrid git and you're well rid. You and your sweet children deserve SO much better. To whichever of the kids left the shit on the toilet seat - well done!

In my experience, alcoholics seldom see the light (OK, some do, but don't know any). You've done the right thing, got rid of him.

Congratulations on the new baby - he/she is lucky to have a brilliant mum and how nice your kids are so looking forward to the new arrival. Lots of congratulations.

pictish Sat 15-Mar-14 19:27:31

Well I think you can't possibly get away from this man soon enough.
"That little cunt" would have been it for me.
Glad the shit on the seat happened. Now you've reached your limit. Good.

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