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Work Crush

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AgeingHipster Fri 14-Mar-14 14:38:56

I know this is totally idiotic and done to death, but I have a huge crush on a guy I work with.

I have only known him about 4 months;actually I hardly know him at all. (hardly speaks to me unless she has to; demonstrates no interest in me at all.)

Despite this, I have developed a ridiculous infatuation. I have a partner; he has had a bad divorce but I think is with another partner now.

What do I do, apart from the obvious? I've been avoiding him (going out for lunch etc.) and only email him when I have to. I guess this will fade. It's a bit awkward though as we have to work together quite a lot and it is pretty obvious (to me) that I'm avoiding him. I guess he's probably oblivious. Ugh. sad

meditrina Fri 14-Mar-14 14:43:05

Yes, let it fade. It will, as long as you keep all contact firmly professional.

And make sure you're doing all your favourite things with your DP to make sure plenty of positive energy is going there too.

AgeingHipster Fri 14-Mar-14 15:17:01

I am avoiding him but it's looking pretty obvious; don't have much choice though because I don't want to fuel it. Wish it would just go away! Idiocy. Middle-aged hormones...

Apocalypto Fri 14-Mar-14 18:42:36

You sure he's even noticed you?

Unpursuable crushes are what masturbation is for.

AgeingHipster Fri 14-Mar-14 19:43:35

He's probably noticed me acting like a tongue-tied 13 year old. smile

But yes , plenty of lady wanking going on. :D

Apocalypto Sat 15-Mar-14 20:10:20

Lady wanking is the way to go.

I once had a severe work crush which I didn't act on (tho could have) because I had issues with how you end it if it doesn't work.

Crushee was pretty much the sole object of my wanking for months on end. Eventually it ran its course and I got bored just like a crap relationship.

It was remarkably liberating and when some months later we ran into each other I am proud to say I had completely forgotten who crushee even was....

It helped with the wanking to know that men's body hair is always the same colour as their beard. With women it's eyebrows apparently.

jayho Sat 15-Mar-14 20:22:10

I always say it's important to have something nice to look at at work grin

I currently have a work crush, gorgeous late 20 something south african, high, wide and handsome as they say, brightens up my day something special.

I know this is completely anti everything my feminist heart espouses, but try to objectify him a bit smile

DogsBolleaux Sat 15-Mar-14 20:37:40

NC to share this comment because I developed a huge, unexpected and totally distracting crush on a colleague a couple of years ago. He flirted with me very strongly and to make matters worse we hit it off like an absolute house on fire. I fall for people once every 100000 years and really never thought I'd fall for anyone after DP.

When I met the crush I was at a low point in my life with two small children and tired DP and etc etc., so suddenly getting That Look from a man really woke me up. It was amazing. I knew I wouldn't act on it in a million years, but it didn't stop me getting a rush every time we ran into each other.

meditrina is spot on with her advice: And make sure you're doing all your favourite things with your DP to make sure plenty of positive energy is going there too.

I put all the good vibes into my relationship with DP. I gave him extra kisses when I walked past him. I texted him at work to tell him nice things. I used the feelgood energy from the crush to wake up our relationship at home, which became newly springy and flirty while the crush settled down into friendship. I ended up having three times as much sex as usual with DP, looking at him with passion for the first time since before small children. The crush gave me back a spark, and I pointed that spark in the direction of the man who had it first, DP, who I now fancy more than ever. It was great. If you can't fight the feeling, use it well.

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