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DP always deletes browsing history from phone and ipad.

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lovingsunshine Thu 13-Mar-14 22:54:00

I'm suspicious!

What other reason could there be other than him getting up to something / someone behind my back?

He has form, but I thought he had changed.

If I asked him he would never in a million years confess unless i had cold hard proof and even then he would try to deny it.

Am I right to assume the worst or could there be an innocent explanation?

Joules68 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:56:02

You say always deletes..... Has it really been always? Or since you discovered what he has form for?

VikingLady Thu 13-Mar-14 22:58:38

DH does, along with regularly defragging the PC, doing disk clean ups and all the virus searches. It is a security/fast running thing.

And DH is very open about his porn etc. He has no problem with me knowing.

Sounds like more going on with your relationship though?

HelpfulChap Thu 13-Mar-14 23:00:12

Almost certainly porn.

lovingsunshine Thu 13-Mar-14 23:01:06

He has always deleted the history but not cookies.

I had reason to suspect something was going on before (several years ago now) and found he had been on adult dating sites, chat sites etc.

Now he deletes everything, every single time.

I don't have any other reason to suspect him other than that, I can't imagine why he has to delete everything unless he's hiding something.

BillyBanter Thu 13-Mar-14 23:01:37

An ex of mine always used to do this even when he was single and lived on his own. More to do with internet security than anything else.

BillyBanter Thu 13-Mar-14 23:01:54

Oh, but he doesn't 'have form'.

lovingsunshine Thu 13-Mar-14 23:02:48

Wow, I'm really naive aren't I! Just reread my 2 posts.

prh47bridge Thu 13-Mar-14 23:06:41

As VikingLady says, some people do delete their browsing history and all cookies. It is a good security precaution (which is why private browsing doesn't keep history and destroys cookies) and can help with speed. The fact he has form makes it more suspicious but it is by no means conclusive.

RhondaJean Thu 13-Mar-14 23:08:57

I delete my browsing history from my iPad every time and my cookies regularly.

I am not up to anything at all.

I am a bit lazier with my phone but I should really do it, it keep the system tidier and quicker doesn't it?

On its own, not suspicious, only you know everything else and what made you feel like this.

Anniecarrieson Thu 13-Mar-14 23:10:46

Does he delete the 'website data' too? Ie the list of websites visited?
Settings>Safari>advanced>website data

Anniecarrieson Thu 13-Mar-14 23:11:31

On ipad that is

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 13-Mar-14 23:12:25

I delete mine on a regular basis I'm bit looking at porn I can assure you!

NeverQuiteSure Thu 13-Mar-14 23:14:13

Well I came on here to suggest cash back sites (I use them and quite often delete my cookies before a big purchase to make sure I get my cash back), but if he's leaving his cookies that's not likely.

You can open cookies using Notepad and usually work put which site they've come from.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Thu 13-Mar-14 23:18:17

Yes I delete my browser history on a regular basis. I had a vague notion that I did it for Internet security and to save memory but now you mention it, I'm not really sure!

redrubyindigo Thu 13-Mar-14 23:25:44

I have automatic delete. I am not up to anything sinister my emails go to my phone which I leave out on the kitchen worktop. DH can browse at leisure if he wishes

CoolCadbury Thu 13-Mar-14 23:27:08

Yes, check on iPad like anniecarrieson said above to see if he has deleted the websites he has visited.

cozietoesie Fri 14-Mar-14 00:09:10

I clear the machines at least daily, sometimes more often, but only for ease of internet usage and nothing more. It becomes like cleaning your teeth.

I think you still have a conversation to have with him though.

JanePurdy Fri 14-Mar-14 00:20:45

I delete history every time I go online!

kmc1111 Fri 14-Mar-14 01:44:02

I delete everything daily, nothing suspicious about that on it's own.

sykadelic Fri 14-Mar-14 02:20:07

My husband has it automatically done. Doesn't keep passwords, or cookies or anything like that. Scheduled defrags and all that fun stuff.

I'm not suspicious because he's always done it and it's set up that way.

I do mine occasionally.

I would find doing it EVERYtime on a phone or iPad to be suss, especially as you said he has form.

lovingsunshine Fri 14-Mar-14 04:35:43

Hi Annie and CoolCasbury
Yes he deletes the website data / list of websites visited too. That's what made me really start questioning it tbh.

Lweji Fri 14-Mar-14 05:22:46

He has to gain your trust, really, so you could ask him to stop deleting history, although he may be on his best behaviour for a while and then, when you get tired of it, get back to his old habits.

Does he show other behaviour that you find suspicious?

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 14-Mar-14 05:37:21

Plenty of people have their internet settings on 'delete browsing history on exit'... that's not the problem. The problem is that you appear to be in a relationship with someone you clearly don't trust. Whatever happened last time was not properly dealt with and this is the result.

FrontForward Fri 14-Mar-14 05:41:20

What Cognito said! Absolutely word for word

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