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feel like we've fallen out of love

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BoomBoomShakeTheRoom Mon 10-Mar-14 14:40:09

Namechanged for this.

Don't know where to begin really. A bit of background I guess - DH and I have been togeether for 8 years, married for 4.5. We have one DS who is 18mths.

I don't think I love him anymore and to be honest I don't really think he loves me either. Its not like anything particularly bad has happened, we just seem to have drifted apart. We barely seem to communicate these days, sex life is non existent, quite often stay in separate rooms. We almost seem to live separate lives. I am resentful of him taking it for granted that I'll do the majority of the childcare, I love my son dearly but I hate DH presuming I'm always here to be the main carer. He just buggers off when it suits him, but if I plan a rare day out it is like he's doing me a massive favour by looking after our son.

Every now and then it comes to a head and we agree things can't go on as they are and we need to make more effort blah blah. Things might be better for a while but then it slips back to this, just existing. I feel like I'm in an empty relationship, its like we are housemates not husband and wife.

How do we get things back on track? Can we get things back on track?

I'm beginning to wonder if we need to face facts. I feel in limbo, not sure I care enough anymore to make it work, but on the other hand I'm scared of splitting up. I also don't want DS to come from a 'broken home'.

Not sure what advice I expect, but just really needed to tell someone ifyswim. Not ready to have this conversation with anyone in real live.

BoomBoomShakeTheRoom Mon 10-Mar-14 14:41:31

Life not live

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