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Why can't I just be content to be single?

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NotNewButNameChanged Mon 10-Mar-14 08:57:41

Been single four years and while I don't mind my own space at times (an only child, so got used to it while young), it is really getting me down at times.

I had a major birthday this week, did lots of things with my wonderful friends culminating in a party Saturday night. Had a really great week and great night (despite hitting 40) but got home at 2.30 am Saturday and the moment that door shut I felt so incredibly lonely.

I keep myself busy, spend time with friends, have hobbies, have my health pretty much, interesting job. But I am getting more down about being single and just wish I could be content to settle with what I have and forget about it. Haven't had a date in 3 years, done the online dating thing, tried new interests, met lots of friends but nothing else. My friends know no single people to set me up with.

I just get fed up always coming home to an empty house and waking up to an empty house.

Anyone got any ideas how to teach my brain to just accept what I have and not feel so lonely?

HotDAMNlifeisgood Mon 10-Mar-14 09:08:43


New hobbies are great, but do something that scares you. That will teach your brain that you are safe and fine relying on yourself; it will remove that feeling of need for another.

bestsonever Mon 10-Mar-14 09:20:29

Depends if you really want to accept that situation as you can't force yourself to. You could try different strategies to meet single people. I have found that joining a social and activity group has worked wonders. It's much better IMO than OD as you don't have to be single but the majority happen to be, and you are not there to specifically date so the pressure is off. Can do anything from make new friends to forming relationships or just enjoy the activities for their own sake.

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