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Feeling a bit low

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FunkyBarnYard Mon 10-Mar-14 05:15:42

DP just left for work abroad. He will be gone all week. Trying to make sure I keep busy so time passes quicker. Friends often let me down last minute with plans. Always leaves me feeling crap.

What things do you do when your DP goes away? DP truly is my best friend sad and I hate it when he has to go Might seem a bit pathetic - but there you go!

Any tips would be very appreciated!

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 10-Mar-14 07:02:02

I don't have a DP in a permanent sense because I quite enjoy my own company smile In a recent week while DS was on a school trip I had a great time... visiting mates, went to a local recital, indulged in some box-set marathons. You're not pathetic but don't you find it worrying that you emotionally rely on one person so much? Whatever you find to do with yourself this week it should probably be a spur to develop yourself a little more independently, find other interests, make better friends etc.

FunkyBarnYard Mon 10-Mar-14 07:11:35

I shall be fine on the days DS is home too. I've made arrangements to see a friend one evening. Every friend I've ever had seems to be happy to plan things with me. Then drop the plan once something else comes up. It makes me wary of having friends because every time it happens it really upsets me!

I live in a small town where nothing really happens and going to the pub is the only form of 'entertainment' on offer but that's not really my scene!

I've just finished breaking bad and really enjoyed that. So I do need to find another series to indulge myself in that's a good idea!

I have the dogs and will take them on long walks.

When Dp is at his usual workplace he's out the house from 6am-9pm so I am used to being without him. I suppose I'm worried about him being abroad I guess.

I will live. Thanks

Cabrinha Mon 10-Mar-14 07:54:11

It's not really usual to be worried about him being abroad (I'm assuming a short work European trip, not a war zone) - do you generally feel anxious? If so, have you spoken to your GP.

You do sound very dependent on him emotionally and would be useful to build your own life up too. What about signing up to a class? I'm currently taking squash lessons and loving!

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