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Domestic Abuse Tweetathon - West Yorks Police

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LittleBrassPig Sat 08-Mar-14 00:07:21

My local police force -West Yorkshire Police - are currently taking part in a 24 hour tweetathon regarding domestic abuse as part of the Domestic Abuse week. It runs from 12 noon on Friday 7/3 to 12 noon on Saturday 8/3. Their campaign makes clear that domestic abuse can take place in any relationship regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Details here

As of 9pm tonight, 65 incidents of domestic abuse had been reported across West Yorks. WYP have been tweeting about how they have responded to a number of incidents and are giving generic advice to victims of abuse and to third parties either witnessing/hearing abuse or who are worried about friends.

I guess I just want to say please call the police if you feel unsafe or at risk. They are there to help you.

Funnyfoot Sat 08-Mar-14 00:08:42


LittleBrassPig Sat 08-Mar-14 00:25:54

Thanks Funnyfoot

I have never experienced domestic abuse - I was going to say l'm lucky but it should be the norm not to - but I am very impressed by the zero tolerance and support for victims approach that WYP are taking.

Perhaps I should suggest to MNHQ that they get the lead officer to do a webchat.

Funnyfoot Sat 08-Mar-14 00:53:04

I bumped because this is important.

I have first hand knowledge/experience of DV and I also support women who are going through this.

So many threads on here talk about the lack of support and sympathy from police.
My own experience was....well not sure how you would describe it.

I was beaten by my BF for around 4 hours. I was stubborn and would not back down. I fought back which made the beating worse. Any way eventually it ended and I went home.
I called the police and explained that we had been out drinking (it was a Friday I was 19). Because it was DV they sent a female PW as well as a male PO.
I gave my statement and photos were taken. At the end the PW said "Is there really any point? You will just go back. You have been drinking so your statement is not valid. You will go back. You lot always do"
I may of had a few drinks but that did not make me immune to getting the shit kicked out of me!

She the Police women, treated ME like a criminal. The Police man was actually very kind and supportive.
I feel like screaming to the world BEATEN WOMEN ARE SCARED AND NEED YOUR HELP. Do not give up on them just because their fear stops them from leaving. With support they will find the strength. Be that support.

LittleBrassPig Sat 08-Mar-14 01:08:02

God, that's awful Funnyfoot. I so hope that things have improved since then and that you have recovered from such a hideous experience.

I know that a few 'corporately' issued tweets don't necessarily change the behaviour of every officer out on the ground but this has to be a positive thing and a step in the right direction.

dogsnfrogs Sat 08-Mar-14 07:03:35

Saturday morning bump

Funnyfoot so sad to read that thanks

Funnyfoot Sat 08-Mar-14 10:02:48

Good morning little & dogs thank you for your kind words.

I recovered and he was arrested a few days later..........for football violence. It was Euro 96 and he was fighting in the city centre. They never did him for beating me even though I wanted to press charges. I think I was too young and naïve to push it and frankly I didn't know how. I didn't go back to him and ended it there and then.

It made me the person I am now though feisty fucker and I don't take crap from anyone these days.

I do believe that the police have changed the way they deal with DV victims but I also believe there is room for improvement. When you read some of the threads on here some are still let down by the police and maybe if they read these threads they could see how they could support the victim better. Who knows.

AbleAble Sat 08-Mar-14 10:44:54

I had a bad experience with police too. My exH had stolen thousands from our account and dumped me with our baby, I was in a bad state and friends thought I might harm myself so police came to my house, arrested and cuffed me, took baby away and put me in a police cell. A police doctor came to visit and insisted I was released and taken home.

The police were holding my baby and laughing together on my doorstep as I was marched in cuffs into a cop car.

It was so hideous and frightening. I am very frightened of police now. My exH had done nothing wrong apparently, as he didn't have to stay in a relationship and also it was a joint account so the debt he left was mine too. I never saw him again btw.

Follyfoot Sat 08-Mar-14 10:51:47

Just to counterbalance the negatives here, the police were outstanding with me. Kind, supportive and did everything they could to build a successful case (and he was convicted). The support continued with panic alarms etc when XH was released from prison. Its very sad that not all women have a similar experience sad

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