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Dick pictures

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Thanksfebb Mon 03-Mar-14 22:22:11

Just why?? Why do men send these?

Found a picture in dh's phone outbox to a weird email address with just a word and number (no name). There is another message to that address just saying 'no I didn't' but that was two weeks before the picture

Trying to think of a reason he'd have sent this that isn't bad but can't really think of one.

LEMmingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 22:23:36

Was it his cock? And yes. It looks bad sad

rosieposey Mon 03-Mar-14 22:28:28

No good reason I'm afraid. I would be having a conversation with him about this if i were you - sorry op sad

Joules68 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:29:39

Weird email address?

AnyFucker Mon 03-Mar-14 22:31:15

You sound quite calm. Has he history of dodgy behaviour ?

Hix Mon 03-Mar-14 22:31:20

It seems odd that you're saying 'why do men send these?' rather than 'why has my DH sent this?'.

Snapespeare Mon 03-Mar-14 22:31:47

There isn't a reasonable explanation.

FWIW, I got a bunch of unsolicited cock-shots hmm whilst online dating. They were sent by men I hadn't met who I then had no intention of meeting. I think if would be bad enough to find a single photo of my DP's penis in his outbox to an unknown email address, but the 2nd email would make me think he has engaged in even more emails with this unknown person and been slack in tidying up after himself.

CoolaSchmoola Mon 03-Mar-14 22:32:29

Is there ever any justification for emailing a picture of your genitals to someone else if you are in a relationship?

Only1scoop Mon 03-Mar-14 22:33:26

It wasn't to embarrassing bodies on ch 4 was it....

Thanksfebb Mon 03-Mar-14 22:34:45

Yes I'm pretty sure it's his, no history as far as I know I suppose I'm just trying to think of possible reasons instead of jumping to conclusions but can't think of any reasons

Hix that's what I meant really

AnyFucker Mon 03-Mar-14 22:35:27

Ask your husband

gamerchick Mon 03-Mar-14 22:35:57

Committed men don't send dick pictures anyway.. I'm so sorry op.

gamerchick Mon 03-Mar-14 22:36:18


waltermittymissus Mon 03-Mar-14 22:38:04

Men don't randomly send pictures of their dicks, OP.

This is a problem with your dh not "men"

scornedwoman67 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:44:04

I would assume he is up to no good I'm afraid. I can't think of a reasonable explanation. need to ask him. Sorry x

MostWicked Mon 03-Mar-14 22:45:46

I cannot think of any reasonable explanation of why a man would email a photo of his cock to anyone he wasn't in or attempting to be in a sexual relationship with.

Lovingfreedom Mon 03-Mar-14 22:56:18

From what I gather women rarely appreciate men sending them pics of their genitals. It's the kind of thing some men do as as a crude uninvited gesture on dating sites etc. Think it's more likely that this is a form of harassment than infidelity tbh.

Snapespeare Mon 03-Mar-14 23:09:36

Actually, I received some unsolicited penis photographs from my bloke the other day and they were very well received. I think the differential is that I am in a committed relationship with him and think he is astoundingly beautiful... So I wouldn't agree that all penis photographs are necessarily boak...

...but the difference is your husband is meant to be in a committed relationship with you. sending unsolicited photos of his cock to someone else isn't really on, is it. I'd have a snoop on his internet history and see if he has one (deleting it could be an indication that he's looking at sites he probably shouldn't) and if he hadn't cleared his history, see what sites he has been visiting.

WTFlike Mon 03-Mar-14 23:13:58

Gosh Snapespeare, do you feel better for your bizarre bragging there?!

I'm sure the OP couldn't careless whether your partner's dick is astoundingly beautiful or not.

AuntieStella Mon 03-Mar-14 23:20:48

Well, unless it's a weird 'jolly (drunken) jape' or initiation ceremony by local rugby club or similar (which would be blatantly clear from accompanying text and reciprocal photos of eg someone with one eyebrow shaved off) there's no explanation other than the obvious.

Snapespeare Mon 03-Mar-14 23:29:57

I'm just responding to 'women rarely appreciate' cock shots. They're unappreciated if outwith the context of a relationship. What OP Is experiencing is very different, because she is in the relationship with her 'D'H. So he is either sending an unsolicited picture, which is creepy and would have a potential context of him possibly being on dating sites or similar...or he is in a relationship with someone else.

I don't think all photos of cocks are creepy, it's context. Either way, it's not great for OP. I'd suggest trying to investigate further, because confronting him without anything else gives him an opportunity to wheedle and offer some kind of 'rugby-club' get out clause.

WhateverTrevor83 Mon 03-Mar-14 23:35:59

Evening all

Sounds like he has sent it and then denied sending it (the 'no I didn't' email) - maybe he sent it to someone on a sex/dating site and then was asked (quite reasonably) why by the recipient?

Sounds dodgy as fook though I'm afraid OP. I'd be checking out his internet history to get more info but definitely speak to him. Good luck thanks

WhateverTrevor83 Mon 03-Mar-14 23:41:19

Whoops sorry misread op's post ('no I didn't' was first).

It's still defo dodgy though OP. I'd be asking him why he's taking photos of his knob (without mentioning email) just to suss his reaction.

Then if he starts being an arse you can say you noticed a willy photo in his outbox?

Or you could just tip a glass of red wine over his head...? That's what I'd do. Not that it would help... How are you feeling about it OP?

handfulofcottonbuds Mon 03-Mar-14 23:41:59

I think the OP said the 'no I didn't' email was sent 2 weeks before the photo.

Thankfebb - I think your only option is to speak to your husband. You'll probably know by his reaction whether he's telling the truth.

handfulofcottonbuds Mon 03-Mar-14 23:42:45

X post with Trevor

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