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Soon to be ex Husband will not agree on settlement

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Lavinia2013 Mon 03-Mar-14 14:44:48

Hi, this is my 1st time on here, but thought it would be great place to get some advice.
I left my husband (together for 8.5 years) for the last time in March 2013, I had previously left him a couple of times over his aggression, control, manipulation, humiliation etc etc. I moved to my parents and he stayed in the house. I said that I would continue to pay half of the mortgage until the end of the year, to give him time to raise the money or sell the house. I said that if he paid me by the end of the year, then I would only want half the equity in the house, which is around £35k.
Many friends told me I was being way too nice. I thought differently. (you can see where this is going)... end of the year came & nothing. I had been to see a solicitors who said that I could be entitled to a lot more. I said that I had made the agreement with him and that was that. End of the year came and nothing!
He text me asking for another month, and that he would give me the £35k by the end of Jan. This didn't happen. So I went to my solicitors again. Who put a letter together stating that if this went to court, I could be entitled to half his pension, half of the flat that that he rents out, money from his business and as I have M.S, I could be awarded spousal maintenance. All of these things, my solicitor said I should use as leverage to get him to hurry up and pay me the half.
He came back offering me £9k!!
So the letter went out with last Friday as a deadline.. still nothing.
What I want to know, is what happens, if he keeps refusing to agree on a reasonable amount and what actually happens if this goes to court? and how will be made to pay me?


CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 03-Mar-14 15:02:54

If he keeps refusing the bill will keep going up and eventually it'll end up in court at yet more expense. If he's really bloody-minded about it you could both end up with nothing.

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