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They are both drama llamas!!!

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Funnyfoot Sat 01-Mar-14 23:50:16

I have 1 sister-in-law DH side and 1 sister-in-law DB side.

They drive me insane. It is all about them. All the time.

DISIL: we are not allowed to spend time with PIL. The second she knows they are visiting she is on the phone. What you doing? What you eaten? Where you been?
She invites herself over for the weekend even though we don't have the space or the food for her and her 2 DC and she gives me 1 hours notice, but only when PIL are here.

My DB wife: Second pregnancy. Nobody has EVER been pregnant before her. She ruined my family Christmas with her tantrums and had a birthday party for DN and forgot to invite everyone that wasn't her family. But I'm not allowed to say anything.

I know I'm ranting but it pisses me off. DM & DH beg me to keep the peace between the family but all I want to do is tell them IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! GET OVER YOURSELF YOU UNIMPORTANT BITCHES.

Cheers feel better now.

defineme Sat 01-Mar-14 23:57:17

I think I'd be crosser with my DH to be honest. He should be on the phone to his sister saying no I'm sorry you can't come there's no room. He should even be predicting that and getting in there first to say you can't come at same time as mum and dad.

I'm not sure why you're bothered about the child's birthday party, but if she ruined your Christmas then you need to approach your brother-explain the effect on your mother.

Funnyfoot Sun 02-Mar-14 00:05:25

TBH I went bat shit on DH for agreeing to her coming over. She is very much the princess within the family and his argument is "she's my sister" what can I say? She has an illness that comes and goes at her convenience so they view her through rose tinted glasses.

I lost it with DB rang him and more or less said "did you mean to be so rude?"
My DM worried herself grey because she thought we would fall out. Met up with DB and he admitted life was easier if he went along with his DW he was sorry but she comes first (kind of loved him for this but still wanted to hit her) but he felt bad against me.

The problem is they both love DRAMA! I hate it and avoid it at all cost but they both thrive off it. I can't be arsed but because of them I find myself involved.

nennypops Sun 02-Mar-14 00:23:17

You definitely need to agree with dh that if his sister invites herself over when PIL are there he will say no and stick to it. He has to put you ahead of her in his life no matter how much of a drama she makes of it.

Funnyfoot Sun 02-Mar-14 00:30:32

See I know this and I want to stick to this.
We have the twins birthday coming up which happens to be FIL 76. He is happy to forgo his BDay to celebrate the twins. So far with a month to go its all sorted. No drama, they are coming to Leeds, hotels, meal out big fuss of the twins. But I know that the day before or the actual day DSIL will have a drama and ruin it.
We are talking about a women that stole my wedding.
She will stop at nothing.

Nomama Sun 02-Mar-14 16:20:41

Stole your wedding.... I haven't been here long enough!!

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 02-Mar-14 17:40:04

OP... Will you be doing anything to celebrate FIL's birthday or acknowledging it in any way?

You don't get on with either sister in law. To be honest, I wonder if there is a little competition between the three of you?

... oh and I don't much like your referring to them as 'bitches'. The phoning/visiting thing is quite easy to sort out, isn't it?

I get that you're having a rant but if you aren't very different 'off board' then maybe there's a problem and I wouldn't expect your husband to back you up without question. You don't have to like everybody in the family - and they don't have to like you either - but you do have bend and stretch a little, just as they must because you're (along with your SILs) brewing up a rift over very little.

Funnyfoot Sun 02-Mar-14 18:10:35

Yes we have booked a weekend away for the PIL as a gift for FIL birthday and we have ordered a cake to present to him when we are out for the meal.

Competition aspect with DH sister most definitely but not from DB wife.

DH sis has always been in competition (hence the she stole my wedding)but I don't understand it. I have stretched and gone with the flow for 15 years but it is starting to get difficult and I resent having to keep the peace.

DB wife is just self centred and doesn't care about how that affects those around her thats why she ruined a Christmas family get together.

Nothing will change and I will just continue to go with it and keep quiet but I did feel better for saying it out loud (so to speak) on here.

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