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Does couple counselling work.

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HadABadDay2014 Fri 28-Feb-14 22:57:09

I can feel my marriage breaking down, we are arguing a lot more over trivial things and not connecting like we used to.

I want to go to couples counselling to try and get us back on track.

Is it worth it.

HighlanderMam Fri 28-Feb-14 23:04:19

If you want it to work, surely it's worth trying?

MillyBlods Sat 01-Mar-14 02:05:20

Can you not sit down and just talk about how your feeling and see how he feels. If you both ste on the same page then start making plans to go and do things together and have fun. Date nights as well.

AdoraBell Sat 01-Mar-14 02:13:40

It will if both of you want it to, but I would try the above suggestions first.

iloverainbows Sat 01-Mar-14 02:14:30

Mine didn't for 2 reasons I believe - firstly it was too soon after finding out about the affair and secondly I was in a really bad place and didn't have the clarity of mind to see it wasn't addressing what I wanted addressed. I think you both need to decide what you want out of it first.

Pinkandwhite Sat 01-Mar-14 02:35:29

My DH and I had about 10 sessions of couples counselling and it really did help us. We saw someone from this practice:

We did a few face to face sessions but then moved house and did skype sessions.

We were at a point where things weren't terrible but we arguing far more than we felt was ok. Just having a third person to help us see each other's perspective was invaluable.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sat 01-Mar-14 08:00:57

Couples counselling is appropriate if...
- both people accept there is a problem
- both people want to find a solution
- both people are prepared to accept change

It's not appropriate where there is any kind of controlling or bullying behaviour present.

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