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Anyone know this website I am thinking of - how to tell if a man is really remorseful after affair or not?

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hellosailors Thu 27-Feb-14 13:57:55

I seem to recall many months back someone linked in a thread to website (I think maybe a US site ) to a website a woman had set up which had many articles on it about how to tell if a man was really serious about making it right after an affair or just going through the motions and did not really care (she had gone through the experience herself). I remember thinking it was fab resource but do not seem to have bookmarked it. A dear friend could really do with reading the material on this now rather than me half remembering the gist of what it said. Does anyone know the site I am talking about? Thanks.

hellosailors Thu 27-Feb-14 14:04:27

found it!

very good site if anyone needs it. Thanks.

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