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Productive outlet for lust

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PiratePanda Thu 27-Feb-14 12:23:25

Sigh. Married with 1 DC and I am currently melted into a puddle of lust for a colleague who, thank god, I don't see very often.

I'm in no actual danger - I'm not stupid, I am ignoring/not contacting/avoiding, and I know it's because I'm ovulating and need a shag and DH is away until Monday. But I can't get the guy out of my head to the extent that I can't concentrate on urgent work that I need to do.

So ladies, hit me with your productive strategies for getting rid of this excess of desire.

No flaming or reminders of cold hard realities needed here - I'm not going anywhere near the guy. I just want help with hosing myself down.

Lweji Thu 27-Feb-14 12:25:50

Phone husband?
Get a sex toy?

CuntyBunty Thu 27-Feb-14 12:27:26

Get your vibrator out tonight, enjoy yourself thinking about colleague and give yourself a big orgasm or two. No harm done. I would and have.

PiratePanda Thu 27-Feb-14 12:29:05

Sex toy good idea but have to pick up DC in 15 mins, and he'll then be close by until bedtime. Agh!

PiratePanda Thu 27-Feb-14 12:30:42

Gotta get through half a day's work yet too - humungous deadline tomorrow. Anyone had any luck with music?

CuntyBunty Thu 27-Feb-14 12:30:46

Wait for a wank wink

See what I did there? Bit of aliteration, wait, wank, wink.

Delayed gratification is a wonderful thing. You'll enjoy it all the more and maybe have time to do it twice.

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