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Today I walked away

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spongebobsmallpants Thu 27-Feb-14 11:57:59

Thats basically it.

Been with DP for 2 years we dont have any children together but I have a DD from a previous relationship.

We also live separate.

He's had some problems with ive supported, well more than supported. I've always been there when needed and knew when to step back. We battled together and won.

Four months ago it reared its ugly head again.

Again I supported but 2 weeks ago I found out he hadnt been getting the help he told me he was, so I gave him an ultimatum.
Get help or he loses both of us.
Harsh I know but he lied and lied and wont get help.

Yesterday he lied again which was confirmed so I walked.

ive threatened before but never actually done it. I love him so much and im hoping this is the shock he needs to get sorted.

Just needed to get it all off my chest

glasgowsteven Thu 27-Feb-14 12:03:43

Well done.

Liars wont change.

Go NC with him

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